December 5

Drayton Bird’s latest project


Hi ,

Did you know that one of the biggest legends in the direct-response industry lately had a collaboration project with my friend Matt Bockenstette?

This legend is none other than Drayton Bird.

Drayton is well in his 80s this year and is still as sharp as a tack.

In fact, some of the new-age gurus like Tai Lopez and Sam Ovens are half his age.

Well, it’s understandable to think that if you’re in your 80s, you might have lost track of the marketing world.

This is generally true, but I can’t say that about Drayton.

Because he has a track record of being a genius marketer for the last 6 decades.

When you go through 60 years of running a business, you can see MUCH more than the average Joe.

Hence, when Drayton speaks, everyone else listens.

Lately, Drayton has embarked on a passion project with Matt Bockenstette – the founder & copywriter behind Copy Legends

They call it:

“Profit-Swipe Mastery” (and they previously sold it for $97/month.)

Inside, you’ll discover:

9 “Issues,” each of which follows this 5-part framework for an advanced-level breakdown of a specific legendary piece of sales copy:

  1. A legendary ad…
  2. A complete ad transcript…
  3. Ad commentary (by Drayton Bird)…
  4. Ad breakdown (by Matt Bockenstette)…
  5. Ad “Profit Swipe” (by Matt Bockenstette)…

Wanna get all 9 issues?

Once you join Copy Legends’ free newsletter, you’ll find all the details about their legendary “Profit-Swipe Mastery” project on the following page…

> Download your “Legendary Ads Vault: 101 Greatest Ads” collection here first (then you’ll find all the PSM details on the following page)…

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu


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