December 27

Marketing Lessons from Lionel Messi [2/2]


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I want to continue my last email about what I learned from watching the World Cup Final.

And if you look closely, there is actually a method and madness to Messi’s genius.

If you watch his games, you’d see that Messi has a habit of walking around nonchalantly during the opening moments of a match – just like a cartographer.

Here, he scans and surveys the defense, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents.

At this moment, he uncovers the game’s biggest opportunities.

After five, or ten minutes, he’ll have a visual map in his eyes and brain.

Then he formulates a plan to unlock the opponent’s back line. 

As a business owner, you need to be able to be your own Cartographer.

You have to understand the changes in the market, your competition, and the changes you need to make. 

Because if you DON’T, you CAN’T plan. 

You need clarity and direction on what opportunities are available in the market today so you can have the freedom to pick and choose.

So you can double down on a proven path that works for YOU.

And not be drifting aimlessly through life. 

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She’s also a certified NLP practitioner.

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To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu 


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