October 19

Meeting a Modern-day Rockefeller


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Knights of the Holy Grail has opened. 

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I met Mr. Jay when I missed the bus. Long story.

Mr. Jay was a billion dollar dealmaker. 

In fact, one of the deals he brought in was equivalent to 23% of that nation’s GDP. 

You could say that he’s feeding 1 out of every 4 people in that nation.

And he was also a mentor to remember.

After all, he had a lot of wisdom to impart playing at the highest level. And his biggest one?

Plan UNTIL You Can’t Fail.

After all, when you play in his realm, you can’t afford to take any chances. 

One loose screw or overlooked element can set you back millions and years of work.

Who wants to be responsible for collapsed infrastructure that cost lives?

Therefore, there’s an insane level of thought that goes into the preparation.

His strategy runs counter to popular entrepreneurial teachings, right?

  • “Fail forward!”
  • “Burn the boats… you can only succeed if you have NO options left”.
  • “Move fast and break things.”

Yet while I admire the gusto… The fact is…

Failure Sucks! 🤕

It’s excruciating. It’s traumatic. It can even set you back years.

What the gurus don’t tell you is this:

While you can eliminate failure completely, you can reduce your risk with a better business strategy. 

HECK, even better with the right plan – you can ride the rising tide which will help you pull away from your competitors. 

As we are approaching an economic tsunami 🌊, many businesses will be crushed – big or small. 

The good news is if you’re prepared, you can ride this tidal wave to riches. 

In the upcoming Holy Grail Mandate keynote, I’ll be sharing brand new content to help you thrive in The Great 2022 Recession like: 

* How Holy Grail Offers hold the key to unlocking this Parallel Dimension of Prosperity. 

* How did this Malaysian rando with an obscure Asian accent attract an international audience that’s eager to give him money hand-over-fist.

* The BRAND NEW 3-step process to creating these irresistible offers.

* The magic numbers that make super-affiliates want to promote you (This very strategy attracted a whale with 14 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS to have a discussion)

* And much, much more. 

Takes around 45 minutes of your time. This call can be a potential game-changer as we approach a volatile 2023.

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This Keynote will completely change your life if you let it.

See you there.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu


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