November 23

The Wolf of Sales Funnels 🐺


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Rich Schefren is finally conducting LIVE training where he will share how to increase your online income in 2023

You’d probably know that Insider Trading is illegal… but people are still doing it anyway.


The answer is:

Because it’s incredibly profitable. 

When you have information asymmetry, you have an insane advantage over the rest of your competitors. 

Apart from our politicians, the top echelons in Silicon Valley and Wall Street are all doing it.

The good news is my friend Rich Schefren has applied this idea to his business.

It’s called “The Wolf of ClickFunnels” Principle.

As the leading top leaders in the industry, Rich and his team get access to tens of thousands of sales funnels.

Some of them are like virtual ATMs that generate millions of dollars a month without fail.

But others are the exact opposite.

They don’t convert and have a very low click-through rate. 

He noticed that websites with poor conversions eventually set these businesses hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars because it’s the leaky pipe in the entire customer journey.

Now, what makes the difference between a winning funnel and a mediocre funnel?

Find out during tomorrow’s live training with me and Rich Schefren.

On the broadcast, you’ll discover the secret reason most websites and webinars don’t convert. 

You will also learn specific patterns of winning funnels – so you can apply them to your business.

If you’re interested, do sign up – spots are limited.

So register now before we go live tomorrow. 

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu


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