December 9

WYODC WEEKLY #40: Franken-Mind 🧟‍♀


Hey ,

I’ve decided to write a special piece for you since Knights of the Holy Grail is opening… 

One on the idea of a Franken-Mind.

Now, the idea of a Franken-Mind is surprisingly deep.

It’s a subject that Kenneth took 2 hours to cover (… and I honestly think there’s even more depth to it). 

To simplify things for you… I’m going to distill it down to two words.

Embrace Chaos. 

This is a super important idea because the world we live in today is so fast-moving and noisy. 

And so All Systems are Snowflakes. 

This means most of the time whenever we learn a new process or method… it might not fit us 100%. 

For example, even if the content is accurate, relevant and helpful… it might not fully align with you 100%. 

We have to adapt and tweak the mechanism or system to fit us.

Based on our own unique personality, interests or strengths. 

The core idea is to filter out what we need and discard what we don’t need based on our self awareness. 

For example, Kenneth shared about his journey in his latest Inner Sanctum session.

He was born and raised in Borneo, Malaysia 

He started exploring himself in many different ways

Then he found out that his strength lies in English and critical thinking skills

Next, he discovered his flair for the arts and creativity which led him to become an art critic. 

However, he didn’t want to become a starving artist… hence he abandoned his pursuit of the arts. Next, he was able to fulfill that artistic craving through his job at Ogilvy and Mather. 

Then he got sick of the corporate world which led him to quit his job and join MindValley as a senior Direct Response Copywriter.

Kenneth was sharing his story to show us how life is sometimes meant to be haphazard and there isn’t an answer key or a model answer to rely on.

Instead, you need to know your likes and dislikes and where your inclinations lie.

I think the most difficult part is having the self awareness to understand what works for us and what doesn’t. 

For example, if you want to be a copywriter and you’re reading this… 

It pays to ask yourself… 

What kind of Copywriter do I want to become?

Do I wanna specialize in FB Ads? Emails or VSLs? 

And why?

Or what makes me NOT a good fit for a particular niche?

What values do I want to embody as a Copywriter? 

How should I differentiate myself from other Copywriters? 

These questions are not easy to answer because they can be a part of your blind spots.

This is why you’ll need mentors or friends to help you spot.

Embracing chaos is literally one of the hardest things for new copywriters because there’s almost a new copywriting course launched every week. 

You get new information thrown at you ALL THE TIME

And that’s why I think Holy Grail Copywriting stands out above everyone else. 

Because when you’re constantly getting weekly guidance from an A-List Copywriter, there’s no way you can’t uncover these blind spots.

Your skills will not only get better every week… but you will have a better self-awareness as a copywriter. 

Perhaps, you’re a good fit for Spiritual Copywriting. (Like a good friend of mine). 

Or perhaps you can do well in eCom email. 

The problem is when you’re new and you have a tsunami of information coming at you… 

It can be tough to figure out what your cup of tea is.

And that’s why I want to invite you to our biggest Holy Grail Launch this week if you’d like to learn the cash-churning skill of writing irresistible copy. 

It’s an awesome opportunity if you like the experience of having an A-Lister watch you over-the-shoulder as you participate in the FUNwork. 

We’re already getting an avalanche of opt-ins. (~100 signups per hour).

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