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WYODC WEEKLY #42: Best of Inner Sanctum (Pt 1)


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Zachary here… 


As we enter into 2022… I want to cover some of the best learnings we’ve gathered as a community in 2021. 

This is not an easy task.

(Especially when you have so many knowledge bombs dropped on you every week). 

And so I’m taking on the responsibility of curating the TOP 20 biggest lessons we’ve had from Inner Sanctum.

Btw, in case you’re new to this newsletter… 

Inner Sanctum is an exclusive mastermind where Kenneth and his inner circle of successful entrepreneurs bring you to the great wealth transfer journey — while making a good impact.

I guess the most awesome part about Inner Sanctum is its diversity.

You get to learn about the different aspects of business from some of the biggest thought leaders.

It’s almost like Avengers Unite where we have superheroes like… 

Josh Jagelman – The founder of an 8-figure coffee conglomerate. 

Opher Brayer – The Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards 2018 winner for education. (It’s almost like a Nobel’s Prize for the teaching niche). 

Rajesh Setty – Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Angel Investor who founded 12 successful startups. 

Rick Swanson – Founded 2 Inc. 500 companies.

Hugh Marquis – Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist for Social Change. 

In this two-part series, I’ll cover the TOP 20 biggest lessons from Inner Sanctum this year: 

I’ll cover 10 in this issue and another 10 in the next issue.

Let’s begin.1.Relationships is the Cheat Code. (Kenneth Yu)

True Relationships will open a lot of doors for you and connections are super important.

You can bypass gatekeepers and hoops if you make the right connections. 

Kenneth learned this when he connected with one of the most connected men in Marketing, Mr X.

And Mr X. introduced him to the richest entrepreneur in Zimbabwe over a 45-minute call.

Without that connection, Kenneth would probably have to get through several gatekeepers to access that Zimbabwean entrepreneur. 2. Your Wholeness – Both in Business and Life is a Gift to the world. (Kenneth Yu)

Don’t see business as a Zero-Sum Game.

Don’t feel guilty when you’re doing well and others aren’t. 

Instead, learn to see business as a Win-Win endeavour. 

More people can benefit when your business flourish.

You can teach and mentor more people when you become more capable and resourceful. 

Overall, you can help more people when you do well.3. Your Inner World Should Reflect Your Instagram Lifestyle (Kenneth Yu)

Too many people try to put up a false image of themselves on Social Media.

They lead incongruent lives. 

For example… they portray a wonderful marriage on Instagram but in truth, they’re on the brink of divorce. 

It takes a lot of energy to portray something you’re not. 

That said, if you’re having a lot of chaos in your life, it’s a good idea to not share it. 

It’s good to be vulnerable but it’s not a good idea to air your dirty laundry out in the open.

The idea is if you want to post happy and positive stuff on social media… it’s best that it reflects your positive mental and emotional state. 

4. Systemize your Day and you can Replicate your Successes (Opher Brayer) 

Divide your day into 12 blocks. 

Make sure to track whether you succeed or fail in anything you do.

  • If they succeed, ask HOW. How did you succeed?
  • If they fail, ask WHY. Why did you fail? 

5. Fighting Cognitive Bias with Self-Reflection (Opher Brayer) 

Whenever we experience failure, we have a tendency to lie to ourselves because of our Cognitive Biases.

Cognitive Bias is like an enemy filled with ego. 

We don’t analyse it… we won’t fight it because it’s very defensive.

That’s why people keep persisting and insisting on something even though they keep failing. They keep repeating their failures. 

You have to analyse your ego and cognitive biases from a third-person perspective. Observe it like an outsider. 

This is the exact reason why it’s easier for other people to see what mistakes you’re making and it’s harder for you to observe your own mistakes and problems. 

Opher suggests creating a system or process to observe the Cause-Effect Success-Failure relationship in our lives.

It’s good to create a Self-Reflection Process

For example… Why -> How -> Why -> How? 

It’s super important we do this.6. Master the ability to give meaningful gifts at scale at a very low incremental cost (Rajesh Setty)

If you can give meaningful gifts in abundance to everyone you meet, you can invoke the power of reciprocation. 

People will feel grateful to you because you can make a great impact in their lives.

The ability to give meaningful gifts at scale is like the ability to build a reservoir of reciprocation.

This is even better if you can do it at no or little incremental cost to you.

What you’ll see is that people will try to reciprocate and give you opportunities even when you least expect them. 

The meaningful gift you have should ideally be abundant for you to scale… and it should tie to your strengths. 

For example… If you’re a good negotiator or good designer you can teach specific skills or thinking frameworks to give value.

Always try to play into your competitive advantage.

7. Pick up 3-4 good habits and STICK with them for the rest of your life. (Rajesh Setty)

Rajesh studied yoga and meditation since 2007 and for 14 years. He only missed 2 days of yoga.

These habits have become part of him… like brushing his teeth in the morning. 

To build an unbeatable competitive advantage, it’s important that we have 3-4 good habits. 

You’ll be unstoppable this way. 

Also, it’s important that you’re consistent in improving your craft.

If you’re a video marketer, spend at least an hour a day doing video. 

Or if you’re a writer, spend at least an hour a day working on your writing craft.

8. Be A Super Connector (Rajesh Setty) 

Rajesh met Tim Sanders who wrote the best-selling book “Love Is The Killer App”. 

He asked Tim how he became a super-connector. 

Tim shared a trick with him:

Whenever you meet someone… link them up with someone from your network whom you think can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Try to become the connector who is always creating win-win connections between your friends. 

This is the secret to how Tim Sanders makes an average of 300 connections per year.

9. Deliver What You Promise. (Kenneth Yu) 

Your delivery has to match your marketing. 

If you make HUGE claims in your copy or message, then it’s super important that your product can actually deliver upon these promises.

Do not promise the heavens… and not deliver. 

This will destroy your credibility. 

If you’re selling a weight-loss product, then make sure that the product works. (Ideally, it should be superior to all the other products out there). 

Do not make insane promises if your product (or service) cannot deliver. 

10. The #1 Formula for Attraction: (Kenneth Yu)

If you want to attract clients, leads or investors effortlessly… 

You need 1) A Really Good Core Competence + 2) A Vision that’s far bigger than yourself.

  • In Kenneth’s Case: 
    • Core Competence: Online Courses, Direct Response Copywriting, Growth-Hacking and Persuasion. 
    • Vision: Wants to transform Africa… and subsequently the world. 
  • Elon Musk
    • Core Competence: Engineering. Entrepreneurship. Marketing. Programming. Leadership.
    • Vision: To colonize Mars and make energy abundant, cheap and ecologically sustainable. 

Human beings are attracted to visions. 

We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. 

When you have a strong competency paired with a compelling vision, you can build trust really easily.

That’s all for this week’s WYODC Weekly. 

I hope y’all enjoy this issue and find it valuable.




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