April 21

WYODC Weekly #51: Calm in Chaos?


Hey {firstname}! 

In case you missed it…

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Who is a smarter hunter?

Hunter A goes out in the wild every day to hunt for his food.

Or Hunter B goes out to hunt his big feast which he can enjoy for months or even years. 

Yeah, obviously Hunter B!

If this applies to your business…

And you’re kind of living from feast to famine where on certain months you get an avalanche of clients and on others… you get crickets… 

What if I tell you there was a better way out there?

In fact, one that doesn’t require you to work harder. 

You can package what you already know and sell that expertise to get recurring income. 

That’s something Kenneth is spending thousands of dollars to learn… 

Simply because while big-fish clients and lucrative launches can bring in a lot of moolah… you just simply can’t guarantee that kind of money every month. 

If you’ve ever done a launch before, you’ll get what I mean…

And that’s why you need RECURRING REVENUE.


Subscription Guarantees Stability

This is also why many business models in the world are gradually pivoting to the subscription model in the post-covid world.

Whether you’re a gym trainer, a piano teacher or even a meditation coach…

You can leverage the power of recurring revenue as long as you provide a service.

That’s not all… 

Some of the biggest businesses in the world are even subscription based like Netflix, Disney and even Amazon.

The biggest power of the Membership business is this:

You can serve MORE people in less time.

Also, people are turning online MORE than ever to learn and search for safe places to interact with like-minded people.

If you wanted to get started but you don’t have any experience running a membership… then here’s a good opportunity for you to find out how. 

Membership expert Stu McLaren is hosting a FREE LIVE workshop called: 

Turn What You Already Know, Love, 

And Do Into A Profitable Membership.”

In case, you’ve never heard of him…

Stu McLaren has helped thousands of business owners to launch and grow membership sites since 2008.

Here’s a sneak peek at what Stu will cover:

  • How to know if your business is a good fit for membership.
  • A powerful tool to quickly determine if your membership idea will fly or flop.
  • and more!

So, if you wanna build a business that brings in recurring revenue month after month, you gotta be there on April 21!

Click HEREto register to build your dream business and have a stress-free lifestyle.



P.S. This live training only happens 1X a yearDon’t miss your chance!


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