July 5

WYODC WEEKLY #61: Subconscious Advantage?


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Zach here…

In this issue of WYODC Weekly, I’d like to share what I’ve learned from Kenneth… 

Most of the previous folks I’ve interviewed talked about copywriting or marketing so I thought I’ll chime in from another perspective. 

I think what separates Kenneth from most other marketing coaches or thought leaders is this…

Kenneth is exceptional at finding patterns out of complex structures and then simplifying it in a way that most people can understand.

I think breaking down complex ideas into simple, digestible soundbites is an incredibly valuable skill to have. 

If you’re a member of Inner Sanctum and the brand new Empire, you’d understand this at a much greater level.

What I particularly like about Kenneth is that he doesn’t stop at just teaching you about a particular concept… 

But he also teaches you the premise behind the concept…

And the thought process of how he came up with the concept. 

This makes him really unique as a teacher.

For example, whenever you learn concepts like Scalable Parable, DETDA, UFO or Major on the Minor…. 

Kenneth will almost always teach you why the concept works… 

So you can take that idea, master it and apply it in your very own way. 

Let’s use the example of Scalable Parable (SP).

Kenneth shares the origin of SP – and why it works: 

It’s originated from a religious scripture (The Bible and it has generated billions of followers)

But Kenneth doesn’t stop there.

He also demonstrates to us how applying Scalable Parable helped to shape his origin story (about how he started a business to fund his wedding with Laura)

Kenneth also shares more examples about how prominent script writers like Stan Lee used a similar structure to write Batman, Spiderman and The Hulk. 

By doing this, he not only helps us to understand the theory behind the concept…

Kenneth also helps us to see how the same concept is subconsciously applied in other similar contexts. (E.g. How scriptwriters can use the Scalable Parable concept to write better stories too).

This helps us to internalize whatever we learn better.

And more importantly, just by breaking down the method of how Kenneth teaches, you will instantly become a better communicator or copywriter. 

By the way, to commemorate the start of El Dorado… we’re holding a 100-Buyer Challenge for Scalable Parable. I know the coupon expired last week… But Kenneth decided to reactivate it for a fun little experiment. 

You see… There are already 66 buyers, and Kenneth started thinking…. “Won’t it be cool if we hit a 100 buyers? After all, we’re only 34 buyers away.”

So here’s the deal… 

If we hit 100 buyers, we will give away $7,000 worth of Inner Sanctum recordings to one lucky buyer. There’s 12 months of the most potent secrets from highly successful entrepreneurs from Kenneth’s network — all from a discounted purchase of Scalable Parable. 

This means if you buy Scalable Parable, you will automatically enter a raffle to win the grand prize. And if you get the upsell, you’ll get 3 entries, tripling your chances to get access to some of the most powerful business knowledge on the planet.  

Yes, this applies to all previous 66 of you buyers from last week as well. 🙂 You’re automatically entered. 

However, we need to hit those 100 buyers, otherwise… No bueno. 

This is an incredible opportunity if you’ve been on the fence for a long time.

By the way, Kenneth’s flagship Storytelling program, Scalable Parable is going at a massive 70% discount. 

Just use the code “WYODC2022”

Grab Scalable Parable Here Now! 




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