November 29

(12 HOURS LEFT) Marinate your Way to Success


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Today is CYBER MONDAY and I’m launching my Inner Sanctum Recordings promo. Check it out here if you’re interested.

One of the favorite activities I enjoyed through my travels to Baltimore, Cayman Island, and Miami is Barbeque.

Before we grill the food, one crucial step in the preparation is “Marination”. 

Usually, I’d marinate with BBQ sauce, soy garlic, Worcestershire sauce, or a good mix of each.

And as a result, the food tastes better.

Similarly, we can apply this lesson back to business.

When you adopt the principle of Mental Marination – where you immerse yourself by learning from entrepreneurs from all walks of life, you can accelerate your learning exponentially. 

And that’s what I noticed after coming back from my travels.

In the last 2 months, I’ve had the opportunity to practice Mental Marination thrice – at T&C 2022, Lurn Mastermind, and Mimosa Mastermind.

I’ve already seen my life change in an unprecedented way.

I started dreaming bigger because I saw more possibilities.

I start to eat more healthily and train because fitness is now a priority. (There’s no use having all the wealth in the world if you’re sick).

I’m more spiritually aware of my relationship with God and what he wants me to do in this lifetime.

All thanks to the practice of Marination – because Environment is STRONGER than Will… and when you’re constantly surrounded by A Players, it’s much easier to perform. 

You get to see what works and what doesn’t. 

You even get to pick and choose what practices you want in your business, so you don’t let your thoughts limit you.

The bad news is that if you don’t engage in Mental Marination, you’re likely to be stuck in your own head – where you’d let your existing beliefs and perceptions about business limit your growth.

If you’d like to achieve a personal or business breakthrough in 2023, I’m running a Cyber Monday Promo where you can get my Inner Sanctum Recordings at a HUGE discount.

These are recordings of exclusive 2-hour Mastermind sessions I personally host with my billion-dollar mentors like Rajesh Setty and Opher Brayer.

You’d get the opportunity to learn from my closest and most successful mentors like:

  • Hugh Marquis – Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist for Social Change.
  • Opher Brayer – The Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards 2018 winner for education. (It’s almost like a Nobel’s Prize for the teaching niche). 
  • Josh Jagelman – The founder of an 8-figure coffee conglomerate. 
  • Rick Swanson – Tech Entrepreneur who founded 2 Inc. 500 companies.

In an intimate setting, we discuss topics like:

  • The Power of Vision-Manifestation & how you can turn your dream life into reality. 
  • What the No-Fail-Zone is and how to avoid catastrophic failure as an entrepreneur. 
  • How to be a Super-Connecter & make 300+ over connections in a year. (Rajesh Setty)
  • How to systemize your day for consistent success (Opher Brayer)
  • The Power of Precession & How it can Lay the Seeds for your Future Success 

Of course, this is a time-limited offer because my private mentees pay over 5-figures just to attend these calls. (And because it’s Cyber Monday, I’m feeling pretty generous). 

 I’ll take this promotion off the shelves after the end of today.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these recordings, check out Inner Sanctum ALL STARS here.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu.


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