October 10

18 HOURS LEFT: Bizarro Blueprint 😵



I’ve just launched my flagship cash-churning $20K StoryTilling Social Media Formula  ...click here to check it out 

Yesterday someone asked me… “Kenneth, if I’m starting from scratch with no existing product or client, how can I still make money?” 

Here’s my answer:
 “If you’re absolutely starting from scratch, there are a variety of ways you can monetize the skills you learn from STORYTILLING.  

You can:
Build a following or a community and then get clients or customers from there.
Start helping existing entrepreneurs out with your skill sets.
Create a product and then promote it with STORYTILLING (This is a more tedious strategy but it’s well-worth it). 

Though I’d say one of the things you absolutely need to make money doing this is CREATIVITY. 

You need to be able to create stuff from thin air just like a magician. 

And one of my add-on offers are designed for this: I call it the Bizarro Blueprint. 

This is the secret weapon which helped me achieve accolades like these:
In the last 20 years, I’ve used the Bizzaro Blueprint to win 12 international awards for ideation, for clients as prestigious as Heineken and the Economist.

These prestigious ad awards cast a worldwide search to locate the best advertising ideas… And mine has frequently come up in the rankings.  

Heck, my ads are both in the whole of fame and also college textbooks. 

People call me the Asian Ogilvy and they study my work in order to get into the industry.  

In case you’re wondering why ideation is so important… here’s why:
If you’d like to make the most out of StoryTilling and Shock Therapy, you need to be able to create powerful Big Ideas. 

For, the quality of your Big Ideas will determine the quality of your launch. 

They are mutually symbiotic.

I’d go even as far to say that a brilliant Big Idea can even make up for bad copy.

The good news for you is this… 

I’m offering a limited-time bonus where you can get StoryTilling, Shock Therapy and Bizarro Blueprint for an INCREDIBLE 97.3% discount.

Check out this Google Doc here for all the deeds. 

This promo will not be up forever, I’ll be taking this down at 11.59 pm EST this Monday (10 October 2022) Do get in ASAP before I close the cart.  

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,
Kenneth Yu


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