October 9

42 HOURS: Shock Therapy 😵



I’ve just launched my flagship cash-churning $20K StoryTilling Social Media Formula  ...click here to check it out

To make my STORYTILLING offer even more irresistible…

I’m going to give you a bundle option

In my limited-time launch, I’m gonna share my proprietary FB Ad methodology I use to get insane ROAS despite the ever-changing pace of IOS.

I call it Shock Therapy.

Shock Therapy creates a pattern interrupt where your audience will be forced to respond to your ads just like how they’d jolt in an electric chair.

If you don’t have products to run ads on, you can even run this as a service business where you help other entrepreneurs with paid traffic. 

In this recorded training, you’ll discover:

  • A deep dive into the 4-phase approach to Facebook ads (I even share my screen and break down all the steps to triple my click-through-rate and lower my cost-per-lead by up to 75%)
  • 12+ “Open Sesame” keywords that find the best, reaction-inducing images to grab your reader’s attention and force them to read your ad
  • The 5-step “Perfect Image Checklist” that ensures you pick the most scroll-stopping image for your ad while still remaining relevant to your message
  • The “First Line Test”: How to link these images to your product when writing ad angles to capture an emotion, tie it back to a solution, and sell the click

When you combine Shock Therapy with Story-Tilling, it creates a “Nitro-Meet-Glycerine” moment. 

If you take action today and get both products, you can get a massive, staggering 96.1% discount

If this sounds interesting to you, check out this Google Doc here for all the deeds.

Oh yes, this offer won’t be up forever… I’m taking this down on 11.59 pm EST this Monday (10 October 2022)

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu


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