November 15

(6 HOURS LEFT)Trust is the new 💵


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Hey, it’s 6 hours left before Shamelessly Awesome Networking goes up by USD500You can check it over here.

One of the ideas I teach in my latest product is:

Trust is the new Currency

Now, a big reason why entrepreneurship gets easier as I get older is because:

People trust my reputation.

When I’m seen as “credible”, people are 10X more likely to say “YES.” 

Whether it is a promo, petition or partnership – people are FAR more likely to give me what I want.

However, I used to build trust the hard way.

I’m not a wizard who can enchant people and make them believe in me.

Imagine the idea of a Trust Bank (where trust is the currency), which increases every time you give and decreases every time you take.

The idea is to give more than you take.

Throughout my years in entrepreneurship, I found an easy way to build trust.

When connecting with people and building relationships, one tip is to find out what is valuable to them.

Because if you do this, you’re more likely to help them find a solution to their problems to bridge their gap. And THIS increases trust exponentially.

For example, I had the luxury of meeting an African Billionaire – he sent me a copy of her daughter’s pitch deck and told me to review it. I did just that.

By doing this, I’m building my Trust Bank to have sufficient points to withdraw the next time I need a favor.

In short, if God has given you a gift, use this gift as much as you can.

When you help others with your gift, you can unknowingly build trust.

If you find this idea fascinating, I share more Networking Strategies in my latest Networking product – Shamelessly Awesome Networking

You can check it out in the Google doc over here. 

Oh yes, this offer won’t be up forever… I’m raising the prices by USD500 on 11.59 pm EST, 14 November (MON) [TONIGHT].

Become a better Networker here. 

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu


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