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In my last email, I covered the 3 following learning points – 1) The Power of Alpha, 2) The SandPile Effect, and 3) Your Glorious Purpose. 

In this email, I’ll go through the next 3 learning points.

These lessons will help you navigate change through tumultuous times, so pay close attention.

1. Kenneth’s Principles of Generosity. 

While generosity is a great practice, we can overwhelm ourselves if we are overly giving. 

Here are three different rules we can keep in mind while being generous. 

a) Always be generous to the people who pay you money. 

b) Always be generous towards people that resonate with your mission.

c) How do you add people into your inner circle? You use generosity as a gauge.

So whenever we are generous to people, there are usually three responses.

1st response: They don’t respond back => they take advantage of you.

2nd response: The people whom you deliver to, and then when you ask for help, they help you.

They are between your outer and inner circle.

3rd response: Those you keep delivering, and they just delivered to you automatically without you asking.

2. The SeatBelt Principle 

When Ford built cars to enhance travel, they unknowingly created a list of new problems – especially safety.

So they started creating seat belts.

The lesson is that every solution has unintended problems.

Whenever there’s a solution, think of what problem emerges from this solution — and can I position myself in terms of investment or business.

For example:

Earlier in 2020 and 2021, Mental health issues skyrocketed because people are now living in a virtual environment, and that has made everyone lonely.

The pandemic lockdowns have added gasoline to the fire.

As a result, we’ve seen many new mental health initiatives in the post-pandemic era. 

Hence, whenever new solutions are created to solve new problems, be on the lookout for new problems created by the new solutions. 

You can create a windfall by solving these problems. 

3. Change is a Cycle 

Every winning entrepreneur knows how to leverage a changing tide to their advantage. 

They are incredibly adaptable. 

One of the best ways to do this is to be hyper-aware of the 4-Stage Life Cycle. 

Most corporations go through the 4-stage Life cycle:

1. Startup (Being mission-oriented)

2. Scale (Maintaining efficiency and status quo) 

3. Complacency (Ego and Hubris)

4. Downfall (The company crashes) 

Countless companies have gone through this process – Nokia, Blackberry, and Ford.

The same can be said for civilizations too. 

There’s a rise and fall in civilization.

This is why Winston Churchill once said:

The more we change, the more we stay the same.

If you want to look forward to the future, very often, you need to look further backward in history.

There’s a rise and fall in civilization.

Hence, if you look at a trend, industry, or even a company, you’ve got to understand the bigger picture (The cycle behind the change).

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To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu 


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