January 20

Build your Minimum-Viable Challenge


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Check out Alessio’s Build a Challenge Funnel in 5 Days Over Here. 

If you’re trying out Challenge Funnels, remember – you don’t have to complicate things.

In fact, a simple process works better.

I run my version of the online challenges with the help of FB Lives, FB Groups, and Google Docs. (I call them Impulse Incubators). 

It’s funny how some people think they need the help of sophisticated software or tedious tracking to run their funnels. 

And they get caught in the overwhelm.

Which leads to…

Analysis Paralysis

The good news is that if you start with a Minimum-Viable-Challenge, you can easily validate your business without the following:

  • The need for tech expertise
  • The need for marketing experience.
  • The need for an established audience.

Well, because Challenge Funnels generate crazy amounts of engagement – so you naturally draw in a huge crowd.

All without having to spend a dollar on ads or traffic… 

This makes it one of the best-trending business models in 2023.

My friend Alessio Pieroni has given me a sneak peek of the challenge funnels he has run.

Over the years, Alessio ran challenges for tons of clients, big and small.

In fact, one established UK client he worked with—who already had other funnels—made $400K in 10 days when she launched her first-ever challenge funnel.

And another Italy-based client he worked with—who worked independently without a team—made $100K for her signature membership in her first ever challenge.

The secret sauce of Challenge Funnels is they help you create tons of engagement with your audience as they achieve small yet powerful wins quickly.

This helps to accelerate your community-building around your niche, which establishes your authority. 

When your leads experience your teaching firsthand, they see the magic. 

They hence are more likely to convert than other funnel strategies.

This is why Alessio is so passionate about teaching this to others. 

Not only because it works but because it’s incredibly impactful and life-changing.  

And in the process, you don’t just create a powerful asset for your business—you’re able to touch lives and make the impact you’ve always wanted.

If building your own Challenge Funnel sounds interesting, I invite you to join us at Alessio’s upcoming event. 

==> Join us at the event and let’s build your very first challenge funnel today 

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu 


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