November 17

“Creating a course isn’t that hard…”


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My friend, Abe Crystal is sharing his Course Creation blueprint. You can check it over here. 
One of the biggest taboos I see infopreneurs do is this:
They get excited about an idea and then try to put together a course without much research or planning.
They wing it, put it online, and assume people will buy it.
Because of this erroneous idea:
They see other entrepreneurs crushing it with their programs, and they think: “It’s probably not that hard. I think I can do it.”
Then they proceed to do their launch…
And all they hear is:
Next, they realized that hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars had all gone to waste.
That’s not how infopreneurship works.
To succeed, you need a proven roadmap.
You need clarity from finding a profitable niche to building a raving community and all the way to finally creating an irresistible offer.
My good friend Abe Crystal is teaching about it in his upcoming FREE workshop titled:
The Fail-Proof Method for Launching Your Online Course… In Less Than a Day
Abe is the founder of Ruzuku, an online platform for authors, coaches, and speakers.
He has served more than 500K students worldwide and has hosted over 75,000 courses on Ruzuku.
Abe specialized in learning design and user experience research and earned his Ph.D. in human-computer interaction at UNC-Chapel Hill.
He has multiple decades of experience helping entrepreneurs maximize their revenue from online courses and taught me the importance of applied data analytics in increasing conversion.
I recommend attending Abe’s training because he will show you how you can multiply your income with online courses.
Click here to register for this special training now, while it’s still available
To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,
Kenneth Yu


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