November 25

(Exclusive BF Deal) No. 1 Networking Tip?


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A while back, I invited my good friend Rajesh Setty on my private Inner Sanctum Mastermind to give a sharing.

Rajesh is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, keynote speaker, angel investor, bestselling author and founder of 12 successful startups.

He gave one of the most unorthodox networking techniques in his arsenal that blew everything out of the water.

To give you a full context, I want to share this conversation snippet we had:

Question: What is the one skill you need to give you an unbelievably unfair competitive advantage for the rest of your life?

Rajesh: The ability to give meaningful gifts at scale at a very low incremental cost to you. 

People will like you and be drawn to you if you can do this. 

You instantly become like Santa Claus.

If you can give meaningful gifts in abundance to everyone you meet, you can invoke the power of reciprocation. People will feel grateful to you because you’ve impacted their lives greatly.

The ability to give meaningful gifts at scale is like the ability to build a reservoir of reciprocation.

This is even better if you can do it at little or no incremental cost.

You’ll see that people will try to reciprocate and give you opportunities even when you least expect it. 

The meaningful gift you have should ideally be abundant for you to scale. And it should be tied to your strengths. 

For example… If you’re a good negotiator or designer, you can teach specific skills or thinking frameworks to give value.

Always try to play into your competitive advantage.

 Look to create assets which work for you… even when you sleep.

Do you know what the crazy thing is?

Rajesh prescribed 11 different tips that he personally used to make over 1,000 connections in a YEAR. 

And this is only one tip out of the 11 different strategies he prescribed

If you’d like to learn the 10 other networking strategies Rajesh Setty used in his career as an Angel Investor, Startup Founder and Keynote Speaker, you can grab my exclusive Inner Sanctum Recordings on Black Friday.

These are recordings of exclusive 2-hour Mastermind sessions I personally host with my billion-dollar mentors like Rajesh Setty and Opher Brayer.

You’d get the opportunity to learn from my closest and most successful mentors like:

  • Hugh Marquis – Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist for Social Change.
  • Opher Brayer – The Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards 2018 winner for education. (It’s almost like a Nobel’s Prize for the teaching niche). 
  • Josh Jagelman – The founder of an 8-figure coffee conglomerate. 
  • Rick Swanson – Tech Entrepreneur who founded 2 Inc. 500 companies.

In an intimate setting, we discuss topics like:

  • The Power of Vision-Manifestation & how you can turn your dream life into reality. 
  • What the No-Fail-Zone is and how to avoid catastrophic failure as an entrepreneur. 
  • How to be a Super-Connecter & make 300+ over connections in a year. (Rajesh Setty)
  • How to systemize your day for consistent success (Opher Brayer)
  • The Power of Precession & How it can Lay the Seeds for your Future Success 

Of course, this is a time-limited offer because my private mentees pay over 5-figures just to attend these calls. (And because it’s Black Friday, I’m feeling pretty generous). 

I’ll take this promotion off the shelves after Cyber Monday. 

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these recordings, REPLY to this email with “INNER SANCTUM” and I’ll send you the link your way. 

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu.


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