December 23

How Laura overcome all odds


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Laura is launching her flagship EMPIRE Planning System to help you set better goals for 2023, click here to check it out.

I had a frantic start to the week as Laura nearly lost her passport. 

Fortunately she recovered it. *PHEW*

If not, she’d have to go through a massive administrative hassle to recover that. 

Now, many of you know that I married Laura, who is an awesome and beautiful human being.

However, one stumbling block that Laura always had to overcome was that her country was under US Sanctions. 

Getting affected by US sanctions means that Laura had limited access to the things we normally take for granted.

She can’t open a company in different countries…

She can’t participate in blockchain or crypto related activities…

She sometimes gets turned down from certain countries just because of her nationality. 

Now, while losing a passport might just be a small hassle for most people… it’s a BIG DEAL for Laura.

This can mean that she would have to stay put in Malaysia for 3-4 months until she gets her passport recovered. (The Administration in Zimbabwe is quite slow unfortunately). 

Sometimes we can get a HUGE disadvantage in life that we have ZERO control over. 

That’s why in life, you’ve to be HORRIFIED before you can be Happy. 

I’m not too sure if you’ve ever experienced something like this before but I hope you never get to feel that.

Because it’s just unfair.

But we have to accept it… and work around it.

In this case, Laura’s nationality has always been a huge constraint growing up.

Having this constraint forces her to create an alternative plan – that’s how she developed the EMPIRE Goal-Setting framework.

Throughout the years, Laura has been meticulously planning her moves – getting relevant certifications in NLP and coaching, helping NGOs and joining the Women Leadership Movement. 

Today she owns a Women Leadership Media platform and she is the chairperson of one of the oldest NGOs in the world. 

By having a plan, she’s able to make preparations to become a valuable member of society. 

Because Laura ultimately understands:

While life isn’t fair, the world is NEGOTIABLE.

This means that while some people may be quick to judge us based on our race and nationality, most people would actually value what you bring to the table rather than these trivial factors.

The good news is that all this started with a wild plan in Laura’s head.

If you’d like to learn the exact framework that Laura used to build her first pot of gold… there’s a great opportunity for you coming up.

Laura and I are joining forces to launch a 2-in-1 “Inevitably Incredible” offer for the new year that teaches you two things

  1. How to set holistic goals for 2023? (So you don’t neglect other parts of your life)
  2. How to FOCUS so achieving your goals becomes INEVITABLE

Laura is the mother of WYODC and she designs frameworks that help people successfully – and strategically – navigate the world with wisdom and compassion.

Together with me, she has generated millions of dollars for our digital consultancy in the last decade.

If this sounds interesting to you, get Inevitably Incredible 2023 to help you set better goals. 

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu 


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