December 29

How to Fail & Win Big 🤡


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Early in my career, I had the fortune to learn from renowned cartoonist Scott Adams.

He’s the author of the goofy Dilbert Comic Strips.

This dude is an absolute genius.

He wasn’t a corporate highflyer, so he did what others wouldn’t expect.

Scott leaned into his weirdness and decided to make a mockery out of the mainstream American workplace.

Eventually, he made a name for himself with Dilbert Comics.

Scott was a creative genius who knew how to think outside of the box.

That’s how he succeeded and made millions of dollars as a corporate outlier.

When others zigged, he zagged.

In 2013, he clearly outlined his winning secret in his best-selling book:

               How to Fail & Still Win Big

I devoured the entire book when it came out.

One of the core principles is the basis of my Inevitability Formula today.

While conventional society chases goals, I think there’s something far more important.

I’ll share more about it with you in Inevitably Incredible 2023 if you decide to get it.

You’ll learn the exact methods I use to set systems in place so you can rely less on discipline and willpower to accomplish your goals.

Scott has the right processes – that’s why he won big despite being a major failure.

One truth I learned in my 42 years of entrepreneurship is this:

Just like a battery, discipline is finite.

That’s why most people run out of motivation after attempting something difficult – hustling 80-100 work weeks or losing weight through intense dieting and HIIT.

When your willpower runs out, everything goes out of the window.

This is precisely why goal-setting doesn’t work.

If you want to optimize your systems for better performance for 2023, don’t wait – Grab Inevitably Incredible 2023.

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