November 30

Lazy Man Way to Copywriting Success


Hi ,

I don’t usually talk about copywriting offers.

But lately, I’ve stumbled upon an interesting product that works like gangbusters when combined with Holy Grail Copywriting.

It leverages the principle of “Swiping”.

As Picasso once said:

Good artists copy, and Great artists steal.

I think he’s right – it’s just that it’s unethical to steal outright, so I created a rendition of that quote which is:

The Best Artists Improvise.

This means you find what is already working and add an additional layer on top of it.

This works when what you have is already working, of course.

But how do you find out what is working?

Well, here’s how.

My good friend, Matt Bockenstette, the copywriter behind Copy Legends, is now launching an incredible offer for FREE.

Today, you’ll have a chance to get his Swipe File at no charge, which includes:

  1. The “Legendary Ads Vault: 101 Greatest Ads” collection, containing many of the highest-converting sales copy masterpieces of all time (by 58 different “Original Copy Legends”)
  2. The “Profit-Swiping 101 Guide,” containing the proven four-step process for innovating upon these 101 ads to assemble your own high-converting sales copy..

And here’s the best part…

After you access your two complimentary gifts here, on the following page, you’ll ALSO get a chance to complete your world-class swipe file with the following collections:

  1. The “Complete Legendary Ads Vault” – 1,951+ total ads, organized by 22 of the greatest ink-slingers our industry has ever known…
  2. The “Legendary Sales Letters Vault” – 130+ classic (complete), direct-response mail letters you’ve never seen before (600+ pages total)…
  3. The “Legendary Leads Vault” – 830+ of the most profitable headlines and opening lines/paragraphs (organized by individual copywriters)…
  4. The “Legendary Bullets Vault” – 2,500+ bullets & fascinations from the most potent bullet copywriters of all time (organized by copywriters)…

I seldom talk about this – but I attribute a huge success in my career to SWIPING the RIGHT ADs.

Ad Swiping has helped me enormously as a direct-response copywriter and a brand marketer.

Today, I want you to experience this for yourself.

> Get the “Legendary Ads Vault:101 Greatest Ad” here (for free)

If you are serious about taking your copy chops to the next level, you can apply Holy Grail Principles you’ve learned to improve on these ad swipes. 

After all, a sure way to improve is to imbue the new within the classics.

You will become a FAR better copywriter after that.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu



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