December 26

Marketing Lessons from Lionel Messi [1/2]


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Did you know that about a week ago, Whatsapp recorded 25M messages per second during the World Cup Finals?

Finally, we saw Lionel Messi winning the football league for his dear country.

It’s a heartwarming sight, given that he narrowly missed winning the World Cup in 2014 and 2018.

The triumph of Messi in this World Cup is an excellent example of being at the right place, time, and circumstances.

No doubt, Messi is a great footballer… but for Argentina to emerge as Champions, almost every factor must go in his way.

  • He has to be injury-free and fit to play.
  • His teammates have to be playing well, too, and he can’t just be the main person carrying the team. (Football is a team sport, after all).
  • His coach needs to be implementing the right tactics against his opponents.
  • He also needs a certain degree of luck (Which he did in the penalties during the finals). 

While luck is a factor that is out of his control, he can control the other 3 factors:

  • He can keep himself fit by adopting a less physical style of play. 
  • He can motivate his teammates by becoming the leader in the dressing room. 
  • He can inspire his coach/manager to align the team better.

Most people see Messi as just a world-class talent at Soccer, but they don’t notice the finer, minute details that separate the legends from the greats.

One rather apparent thing is that Messi was incredibly prepared this time which led to him winning this World Cup – and when the opportunity came, he TOOK IT.

And, of course, all this preparation was possible due to the scaffolding of intricate planning.

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To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu 


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