January 18

Nerdy NLP Breakdown on Monday



Lately I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Legendary Stuart Tan – an NLP maestro and one of the biggest pioneers of the Internet Marketing Industry. 

He kindly did a deep dive into my brain and deconstructed my thinking approach (I don’t know how but he did it but the interview is gold!

I’ll add the link to the video at the bottom of this email.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten Zach to share a few learning points from it:

  1. The Importance of State Dissonance – Kenneth has the habit of getting into the state by listening to Heavy Metal (Kurt Cobain). When you’re writing, doing deep work, it’s important to get into flow. He changes his state actively by listening to music (Auditory trigger). 
  2. Aspirational Contract – Comparing the Reality vs Aspirational case. E.g. I aspire to have a six-pack but the reality of getting one is so difficult
  3. Expectation Contract – Comparing the Expected case vs Reality. E.g. Free training has made people $$$. This implies the paid training is even better. 
  4. Objectification – Kenneth converts a verb/process into a noun or abstract. E.g. Gravitational Courses (Adds an adjective/modifier to the noun). Scalable Parable (Rhyme – Taking folklore and business and combining them
  5. Analogical Contrast – Kenneth likes to create contrasts between 2 different analogies. This helps you to create possibilities in your head. (e.g. Chaos is a ladder. Life is war. Business is a marathon. Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean
  6. Incongruity – Creating Incongruence – Kenneth shares the differences between writing for himself and writing for his clients (where he gets paid $20K/gig)… where writing for himself in the form of launches makes him far more money.
  7. Layering – Combining 2 genres to create a completely new thing. (e.g. Netflix + Copywriting and Frankenstein + Mind). This is what Kenneth teaches in the Franken-Mind.

These are some of the strategies I subconsciously use (It’s weird to have someone deciphering your brain). 

If this interview is helpful and interesting to you, I might create another interview with Stuart later this year where we’ll share more about Mental Models.

Meanwhile, you can watch the Full Interview over here.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu 


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