May 1

Obsession 😈


What I’m Reading:

I’m reading John Mauldine’s Economics Newsletter here.

In his latest episode, he mentions that the author of The Fourth Turning, Neil Howe, has just released a new book.

It’s titled:

The Fourth Turning Is Here: What the Seasons of History Tell Us about How and When This Crisis Will End

To give you a gist, every empire goes through a cycle of boom and bust every 80 years – and The Fourth Turning describes how cultural and social change is impacted by economic and political trends. (Especially in the US).

This understanding will give you the alpha necessary to capture the Zeitgeist – you can create better products and sharper marketing messages.

If you’re keen to understand how The Fourth Turning would affect society (in terms of buyer psychology and market demand), I’ll encourage you to sign up for The Vault.

Here, you will discover Strategies for New Realities designed to help you thrive in an economic crisis.

What I’m Watching:

I’m watching the NBA Playoffs. 

One of the matches that stood out to me this week is the Lakers vs Grizzlies final, as the former trashed the latter by 40 points. 

This match is a good reminder of humility as the Grizzlies were known to be the biggest braggarts in the NBA –  in the end, they got humbled by Lebron and Gang.

This is a good reminder to be humble no matter how competent you are – being confident is fine, but do not get too ahead of yourself.

What I’m Thinking:

I was watching the NBA Playoffs where the Miami Heat played the Milwaukee Bucks the other day.

The Bucks are a top-seeded team and the favorite to win the game.

However, the Heat gave it their all, and they created one of the biggest upsets in NBA history.

All thanks to my favorite player Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy registered 42 points that night – he was the player that made it possible for the Heat to win in that deathmatch.

As I watched the game, I found his spirit commendable because – Jimmy was playing full out from the start of the match until the buzzer ended. 

Every time the Bucks seemed to claw back their way in the match, Jimmy gave them a major pain in their back (Making steals, shooting twos and threes, registering assists). 

He was unguardable.

And true enough, his effort paid off – the Heat won by 2 points, and they eliminated the Bucks. 

Now, here’s a lesson we can learn from Jimmy’s mentality.

While I constantly preach about using superior models and frameworks – I think you need to be OBSESSED with WINNING. 

Having the right strategies, techniques, and knowledge is all good… but it wouldn’t matter if your attitude is off.

In fact, I’ve seen LOTS of entrepreneurs doing okay with the right mentality without the best strategies, frameworks, and mental models. 

On the contrary, I’ve seen business owners with every single advantage – whether it is alpha, capital and talent – but they floundered because they didn’t have the right attitude.

Obsession is a mandatory factor in business success.

There’s no replaceable ingredient – you can’t substitute obsession with a better business model, strategy, or tactic. 

So if you’re not winning in business… Reviewing your mindset and seeing if you’re truly giving your best is a good idea. 

If you have a good attitude yet aren’t winning… then it pays to learn about superior business models and frameworks.

My friend Jason Fladlien is taking down his Webinar Replay this week where he shares exactly how he made tens of millions from information products.

Click the link here to check out the replay.


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