June 12

Ode to Laura 😍



This is a special edition of WYODC Times.

You see, it’s my lovely wife and business partner Laura’s birthday this coming Thursday.

As people who personally know her — she’s not just kind, beautiful but also immeasurably wise.

Therefore, I’d decided to distill what I personally learned from her the last 13 years of marriage. It’s not an easy task but I’ll try.  After all, it’s her strategic thinking and organisational building skills that led us to our business success today.

So without further ado, here’s 4 lessons I learned from Laura:

My wife is something of a prophet. She can look at a situation or decision and predict what’s going to transpire a few months down.

On the mental model front, it’s called 2nd order thinking.

According to 4 Week MBA, Second-order thinking is a means of assessing the implications of our decisions by considering future consequences. 

Basically, it’s asking the question “And Then What?”

One of the WYODC tenets is “to avoid stupid, catastrophic mistakes”

Here’s why. Success is actually inevitable — provided you avoid potentially destructive errors. Keep your head down, consistently do the right thing and life will probably turn out all right in the long run.

The 2nd step is infinitely more important than the 1st one.

Conventional wisdom says you shouldn’t ignore a woman’s gut.

It’s accepted for a reason, because it’s largely true. At, least when it comes to Laura.

We avoided so many bad business deals simply because she had a bad feeling.

Intuition is a compass, a barometer.

If you have a spouse or partner who’s of the female persuasion — use it as a guide.  Most of the time, you won’t be steered wrong.

We just concluded our Vault mastermind.

Some participants exclaimed it was the best event they ever been to.

The general consensus it was excellent and something magical happened within the rooms.

While things like synergy or the impacted lives were out of this world and out of our control…

It helped Laura made sure every detail was taken into account.

From the food catered to every need… To thoughtful customised speaker gifts… To making sure every participant and speaker shared the same WYODC DNA…

The end result was the event of a lifetime.

Intentionality is so important in the game of life. While it’s said the devil is in the details… I contend to replace it with the word “divine” instead.

The divine is in the details — So make it a core focus in everything you do.


I’m not an easy person to live with.

Being a creative person dealing with intergenerational trauma, I’m prone to mood swing and random triggers.

As a result, these self-sabotaging habits has hindered my business success many a time.

That’s why my wife focuses so much on wholeness.

When you’re whole and not broken, productivity naturally increases.

In fact, one of the habits we cultivated was proactively seeking help before things get too bad.

After all, in AA parlance, most people only look for aid after hitting rock bottom.

However, you’re in control whether your rock bottom is the floor or the pit.

The floor is a bruised bum, a pit is a broken leg.

Guess which takes longer to heal and result in lost hours and dollars?

Therefore, pursue a preemptive approach to your healing.

This leads me to something special happening this week.

In celebration of what matters to Laura and WYODC, we’ll be doing a debrief of what happened at the Vault event… The biggest takeaways… Totally complimentary, of course. 

Beyond tactics and strategy, there’s a greater picture at play that actually is a biggest determinant whether you build a great business or not.

Here’s the deets:

DATE: 15 June 2023
TIME: 8 pm EST | 8 am GMT +8
URL: Register here

See you there.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu 

P.S. To “entice” you even more… Here’s a glowing testimonial from Lee Nazal:

The event was just mind-blowing. The caliber of the presenters was tremendous, not just because of their business accomplishments and acumen, but also because they are all amazing human beings that I’m now friends with. I’ve been to too many of these where the speakers were just too good to mingle with the likes of us mere mortals (until we fork over $25k for their mentorship). This was a completely different vibe.

That aside, the content was also a bit different than traditional masterminds and events. Whereas these types of events usually focus on the latest tactics and strategies, this weekend was more about a more “dimensionalized (my word, not theirs)” approach to marketing and business.

Yes, there were tactics and strategies, but more than that, the speakers dimensionalized the strategies by presenting how to approach them from a more visionary point of view.

Something like, “yes, these are the tactics and strategies that we used to build this 8-figure business, but the reason those strategies were so effective is because of how we approached putting the strategies in place and how that approach drove the business in ways that outperforms newfangled hacks and tricks.”

Kudos to Kenneth and Laura for putting together an extraordinary meeting of the minds. Can’t wait for the next one!


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