June 26

Pork Rib Soup Profits 🍲


What I’m Reading:

I’m reading “The War of Art” by Stephen Pressfield.

After returning from The Vault, I’ve been working in multiple deep work sprints (Deep Work is a concept taught in the last book I introduced).

When I eliminate distractions, I find it much easier to stay longer in “flow” states.

This is because dopamine creates Resistance (a concept discussed in Stephen’s book), making it harder for you to focus and get results. 

Stephen defines Resistance as the force that acts against your inherent personal creativity.

It’s a real killer because you can’t create good ideas or think properly when in the wrong state.

So if you want to increase your creative output, reading “The War of Art” is perhaps a good idea.

What I’m Watching:

This month has been hectic preparing for The Vault, so I’ve been letting off steam by playing Diablo 4.

It’s incredibly addictive, and I’ve been watching Diablo 4 Walkthrough Videos to get a head start in the game.

After all, I want to avoid mistakes such as creating the wrong builds or using the wrong equipment.

When I did this, I started progressing a lot faster.

I used a tested-and-proven model of constructing a borderline overpowered character but not that strong to the point that it would destroy the game.

In fact, many aspects are similar between playing Diablo and business.

Such as avoiding trial-and-error and following a proven path.

And being wary of fatal mistakes – such as investing in the wrong skill builds or using the wrong equipment. 

This is why finding a mentor to show you the way is so important. 

What I’m Thinking:

Last week, I went to my aunt’s 70th birthday party with Laura. 

And there were some attendees of the celebration from the local Rotary Club.

I noticed that the Rotary Club members were very bonded. 

Some were even discussing deals with one another.

That’s the advantage of having a tribe – you get insights and opportunities that other people don’t. 

Also, this doesn’t necessarily only apply to Rotary Club.

I’ve noticed many sub-tribes, such as the Hainan Association, created to facilitate business and career growth for the community members. 

To give you a context – many of these dialect associations were formed when Chinese migrants came to Malaysia 50-60 years back. (Especially after WW2 ended).

So the Hainanese formed a community… so did the Hokkien and Teochew people. 

All of them would form tribes of their own based on where they came from in China.

These associations would support each other whenever someone in the community wants to start a business.

E.g. They’d loan money, share expertise, or even equipment to support aspiring new entrepreneurs. 

I know many Hainanese coffee shops were founded because of the support rendered by these associations, which consisted of early migrants helping one another.

I see this phenomenon in the US too.

The Jews, Irish and Asian people tend to form their own communities in America and help each other whenever someone runs into issues.

As you can tell, business gets a LOT easier whenever you have the support of a tribe.

In Kuala Lumpur, I see a lot of business deals that are done over Bak Kut Teh. (A traditional dish of boiled pork rib soup).

Many of these Hokkien businessmen hang out in coffee shops and do multi-million dollar deals over Bak Kut Teh in the morning.

When you have a back of a tribe, you get an endless stream of deals, introductions, and referrals from your community.

Life becomes a lot easier.

You’d have many more doors opening up for you than if you had to go around life not having a tribe.

That’s the secret to achieving higher profits, sales, and revenue quickly. 

If this resonates with you, I’m launching a free training program for you on how to build a profitable and heart-centered tribe this week.


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