December 10

[Quiz #1] What’s your single biggest challenge in 2022?



How’s it going?

As we’re wrapping up for 2022… our team is starting to plan for 2023.

I just want to check in with you…

If you’re a member of the WYODC Community, what’s your single biggest

You can enter your responses by checking the survey link below:

Check out the survey link here. 

It won’t take up too much of your time. 

I’m asking a few questions because I currently have plans for a few offers in
2023 – and I want your feedback so I can prioritize which offer to create.

Oh yeah… it’d really help if you avoid one-liners. =)

Don’t say something like:

“I need more help with lead generation…” or “I need more help getting clients”.
Instead, it’d be much more helpful if you gave context about your current

“For example: I’m running a coaching business and need more help generating leads because I’ve tried [Solutions], and they don’t work.


I’m running a consulting business and need more help with high-paying clients
because I’ve tried LinkedIn prospecting, and it doesn’t work.

Give me more detail about your problem because it will provide more direction on
the problem that you’re having.

Once again, check out the survey link below to share your responses:

Check out the survey link here. 

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny
Kenneth Yu


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