December 11

[Quiz #2] What’s your biggest focus in 2023?



In my earlier email, I asked the following question:

What’s your single biggest challenge?

If you’ve not responded to that question, you might want to check out the survey link over here. 

My next question is this:

What’s your biggest focus in 2023.

I’m asking this because I’ll only be creating products that address your area of

After all, our attention spans are limited, and I want to serve you to the
best of my ability.

If you haven’t checked the survey link out,then you can share your response to this question over here.

Once again, I’ll encourage you to share your context and details about your focus
and avoid one-liners – Like the Motivation behind your focus etc. 

Because if I don’t know the WHY behind your focus, then it’s difficult for me to
understand your business needs.

So go ahead and shoot – I look forward to your response. =)|

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny
Kenneth Yu


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