January 23

The man who changed my biz



I want to share my inspiration for creating Impulse Incubators in today’s email.

In case you didn’t know, that’s the 2-week launch process I use to onboard buyers into Holy Grail Copywriting and Gravitational Courses.

I first learned this process from an old friend, Caleb O Dowd. 

Caleb is known far and wide for creating some of the greatest lifestyle business models on the Internet.

Back then, I was on the agency flywheel, slaving away daily.

Well, I knew how to build info products but I wasn’t sure how to launch them.

That’s until I spoke to my friend Caleb O’Dowd.

Caleb gave me an idea that would revolutionize my business forever…

It’s the idea of The 2-hr/day Launch.

The good news is that in 2023, Caleb took the idea he taught me and improved upon it.

He calls it the 7-Figure Email Super-Affiliate Approach.

Here’s what makes it unique… 

  • NO Products: You don’t have to create products or services to succeed.
  • NO Traditional Funnels: No webinars, no VSLs, no Facebook groups, no books, and no product launches. You can get started EVEN IF you don’t know marketing.
  • NO Selling: As crazy as it sounds, you don’t have to do direct selling. 
  • NO Social Media: You don’t have to spend 4-5 hours daily posting, replying, or sharing stuff on social media.
  • NO Working 24/7: You’d have to try hard (very hard) to find more than 2 hours work to do per day (Monday to Friday) with this business.
  • ZERO Overwhelm: You don’t need to master complex tech, tools, or theory. Just follow the system, and you’d be fine.
  • ZERO Staff: You can run this business anywhere as a solopreneur without hiring anyone. All the profits go to you. 
  • LOW Start-Up Fees: You only need $50 daily to launch and scale this business into a 5 and 6-figure rain-maker. 
  • ZERO Competition: You only have 500 marketers in this niche right now.
  • MASSIVE Profit: Yet, those 500 marketers make anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000+ per month.

The workshop is called… 

→ The #1 Niche & Business Model With The “Highest Success Rate” Online Right Now.

This will be a gamechanger for you if you take it seriously

Don’t miss out!

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu

P.S. Many of the most famous Internet marketers in the world are now all over this niche and business model because of how fast and easy it is to profit with. 

Some are even calling this… 

→ The Easiest And Most Exciting New Profit-Making Strategy In The History Of Internet Business.


Because of my gratitude towards Caleb, I’m going to give a one-off promotion for his launch.

If you were to opt-in and attend his webinar, I’ll share my exclusive “Jacob’s Ladder” Email Marketing Framework with you。

So you can have a proven technique in tandem with a proven strategy that works for you.

This tactic has helped me extract MAX income from TINY lists – I’m rolling in as much as USD319 per email subscriber (where the industry average is USD1).

If you want to find out how, be sure to opt-in and attend his webinar to get “Jacob’s Ladder”.


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