November 22

The man who transformed my business


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Rich Schefren is finally conducting a LIVE training where he will share how to increase your online income in 2023
I don’t usually say this… but Rich Schefren is a person I’d be forever grateful to – because he changed my business (and life).
Without Rich, I’d probably still be walking in circles – unaware of whatever I was doing.
Years back, I was on the verge of bankruptcy.
Here’s my story:
I used to run a digital marketing agency back in the day (I was making $300K per year, which is not too bad).
The problem was that I was leading a 20-man team. If you’re an agency owner, you’d know that hiring aggressively doesn’t make sense until you hit a certain revenue target.
The final straw hit when one of our biggest clients pulled the plug and decided not to work with us anymore.
That was one of the most challenging points of my life because I was in a dilemma:
1. Should I keep everyone on my team (which will threaten the survival of my agency)?
2. Do I let go of my team members and live to fight another day?
Ultimately, I decided to go with option b (which was mentally devastating for me).
After firing some people in my team, I decided to take a break to think about the future of my business. 
One day as I was doing some soul-searching at a bakery called TedBoy…

That’s the exact bakery that I was at.
And that was when I chanced upon Rich Schefren’s Hidden Obstacle to Success Report.
Simply put, it’s a writeup on how to think as an entrepreneur. (Rich outlines the 4 elements to thinking – Accuracy, Cleanliness, Correctness and Focusedness
When I read it, I started to tear up and realized many of my blind spots were holding me back.
After taking action, I went from having a $300K agency to building my first 7-figure business.
It’s been incredible how things have come full circle since my agency days.
I’m honored that Rich, one of my biggest heroes and mentors, is learning from me today.
All this wouldn’t have happened if Rich didn’t publish his report back in the day.
Rich is someone whom I prioritize heavily on my reading list, and I absolutely think that every new entrepreneur should learn from him.
The good news is that Rich is hosting an exclusive LIVE training on Wednesday, November 23 where he will share how businesses can achieve breakthrough success in 2023.
He will show you exactly how to identify “Profit Bottlenecks” in your business which you can troubleshoot to make an extra $10K to $20K in revenue.
Just go here to register for the live training. 
But please note: we can only allow a limited number of attendees. 
So register now before it’s too late.


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