October 4

This paid for my $4,000 meal 🥩



I just had a $4,000 meal with some heavy hitters and we just had 2 servings of A5 Wagyu which is absolutely scrumptious. 

That’s part of the lovely networking experience where people wine and dine you.

It was a fantastic way to end the day after attending T&C (Traffic & Conversions) 2022 which cost me a hefty 5-figures. 

It’s well worth the fees – learning from industry leaders like Logan Paul, Alex Hormozi and Jocko Willink.

Before T&C, I splurged $8,000 on a private inner circle called Mimosa Mastermind facilitated by Affiliate Marketing Mastro Amber Spears. 

As I’m typing this… my brain is slowly soaking in the concoction of million-dollar alpha that entrepreneurs like Joe Polish and Perry Belcher shared.

Because it’s in these private circles that you get access to the keys to the kingdom (all the way from what is working right now… down to how can you implement – the business model, copy, graphics, traffic sources)

You get the complete picture from the high-level strategic overview… down to the low-level tactical actionables.

But here’s the realization after spending more than five-figures on Masterminds.

What is FAR more valuable than the information alone is…


If you’re in WYODC Community, then chances are that you might have heard me say:

Relationship is the Cheat Code.

And the best way to build relationships is to meet up with entrepreneurs and marketers you’d like to learn from.

I mean meeting them in person. Not e-meetings.

Because most of our online interactions are so diluted compared to real life…

For example, I was able to meet old friends like Perry Belcher, Joe Polish and Chris Haddad at Mimosa Mastermind — 15 year virtual relationships now made flesh… (which is way better than chatting on Zoom because of the ambience and state). 

Fun fact, during the party, I was even able to grab various meals with some of the biggest “whales” in different industries. Getting an inside look into how these guys attract lists of 500-600k subscribers. 

The truth is building relationships require intimacy – you need to spend time with a person out of “work mode” in order to build rapport and trust.

And what I realized is these private Masterminds are perfectly facilitated to do just that.

This is also exactly why some Wall Street bankers do their business in restaurants, bars or clubs.

The only consideration is this…

If you truly want to network upwards (and meet 7, 8 or 9-figure entrepreneurs)…

It’s a pay-to-play game.

This means under most circumstances, you cannot get opportunities like that for free and you actually have to pay to get a seat at the table (Sometimes thousands all the way to tens of thousands). 

After all, part of what makes T&C and Mimosa Mastermind special is its exclusivity (the expensive fees will naturally weed out people who are not a good-fit – who are takers and not givers). 

When you pay for the keys to the kingdom, you’ll naturally find yourself having access to more doors and opportunities. 

If you’re not at the stage where you’re ready to pay for the keys – and get yourself an EMPIRE Membership or minimally a ticket to T&C/Mimosa Mastermind/Funnel Hacking…

Then stay tuned for my email on Thursday for I’ll be sharing about my 20K StoryTilling Social Media Formula to help you create cash-on-demand.

This is the exact system which helped me make $20,000 from ONE post.

I covered the cost of the 2 four-figure Masterminds and dinner with this strategy. 

The good news is that if you can create cash on demand like me, you can get a seat on the table which can open up a lot more life-changing business or career opportunities for you.

If you’re interested to learn about this moolah-churning system, reply to this email with “StoryTilling”.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu


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