November 30

[THREE HOURS LEFT] Inner Sanctum Recordings 98.4% OFF


Hi ,

I’m taking down Inner Sanctum ALL STARS in 3 HOURS Check it out here if you’re interested.

We’re closing the cart for Inner Sanctum recordings in three hours.

This is the last chance for you to get your hands on the wisdom of geniuses, multi-millionaires and industry titans. 

I honestly do not know a single product out there where you can sit down with an industry leader one to one in an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) setting.

These mavericks are incredibly generous and they give away their thought process…

Such as:

  • How to scale your business to 8-figures (Like how Joshua Jagelman optimized his hiring, operations and team).
  • How to build an Inc. 500 Co. without compromising Purpose for Profit
  • The exact mental technologies accredited by world governments and learning organizations for grooming talents in the field of business, engineering and technology). 
  • What is Big Balls Selling & how did Zach Young use that to 10X-ed his company in three years.

I built Inner Sanctum to be completely unique by imbuing “Franken-Mind” into my Mastermind program – so that while participants learn from the best in IM and Direct Response, they aren’t limited by it. 

This is why I invite non-marketing titans such as Opher, Hugh (a real estate investor) and the Singularity University Head of AI into my sessions.

Because diversity is just as important as field mastery.

When you learn more ideas from other industries, you can marinate that into your product or service to make it DIFFERENT.

So if you’re still on the fence, please get going.

Click this link if you’d like to check out Inner Sanctum All Stars.

This link will be taken down three hours later.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu


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