October 28

Uncomfortable Truths 🤢


Today I want to give you an uncomfortable marketing truth.
And that is this:
Most people don’t Choose the Best way… 
They Choose the Easiest way.
Humans are inherently lazy. 
And this is why supplements are so incredibly profitable because it promises results at the pop of a pill. 
You don’t have to put in the work required – no gymming, no dieting, and no tedious cardio.
Now the weird thing is this, people subconsciously know this.
Because if someone eats a supplement for more than six months and they haven’t lost any weight, they ought to be discouraged and would stop taking it. 
However, this isn’t the case for people looking to lose weight.
And this is an excellent example of how people are willing to forsake the best solution for an easier, lowest-resistance solution.
In the Business Opportunity niche, people who pursue entrepreneurship are looking to get rich quickly.
They want to get the highest income level with the least effort.
And that is why my product- Perpetual Profits, was such a hit in 2020 when Covid-19 was rampant.
People wanted a lazy way to make money fast.
Nobody wants to slave away like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos for years to make billions.
They are content to make thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in the next few weeks.
And that’s the thing about Holy Grail Offers. 
You have to consider the element of FLUIDITY.
Which dictates two elements:
The level of effort the client requires to get results – the lower, the better. 
The speed of how people achieve results – the faster, the better. 
Now, if you’re a coach, entrepreneur, or marketer, knowing to leverage the power of FLUIDITY is incredibly important.
People don’t like to put in a lot of effort to get results.
Nor do they like to take action and wait for ages before they see their fruits of labor.
Humans are generally addicted to instant gratification.
That’s the uncomfortable marketing truth I think that can make you a lot of money if you apply this concept well. 
If you’d like me to share with you more uncomfortable marketing truths like this, reply to this email with “EL DORADO”.
I’ll send you the google doc on Holy Grail Copywriting in a bit.
To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire, and Destiny,
Kenneth Yu 


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