December 8

Write your Eulogy 🪦


Hi ,

As we’re approaching the end of the year, I’d like to share one of my secret practices for my private mentees.

Consider it as an early Christmas gift from me to you 🙂

This practice will help you immensely to plan for an incredible 2023.

I call it the “Writing your Eulogy” practice.

I first learned it from my mentor (Let’s just call him H.M).

Here are the steps to writing your eulogy:

Get your hands on some paper and write answers to the following

  1. What do I want my tombstone to say (How do you want to be remembered?)
  2. What do I want to be known on earth for? Write down what other people would
    say at your Funeral.
  3. If I say your name [Name], what do I want to be known for?
  4. What do you want the legacy of your business to be in 50 years’ time?
  5. What needs to change in my life for these things to come to pass?

If you truly want to achieve revolutionary success in your life and business, doing
this practice is a MUST.

I urge you to try it.

You can hit the REPLY button and send your responses – I read every email.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny
Kenneth Yu

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my premium mastermind EMPIRE where I get some of the best titans of
their industries to share their secrets.

I have a really cool line-up of mentors for the upcoming sessions of EMPIRE in 2023.

You’d get to learn from the best of the best like:

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Pioneer of the Hedge Fund Industry & World-Champion in De-Risking (He turned his company from a $1B to $60B – 60X ROI while managing massive funds).
8-Figure Entrepreneur in Sub-Saharan Africa (Discover the exponential potential of Africa which lies endless opportunities).
The “Don Draper” of the Modern-day ad industry. He scaled his agency to over $10M and subsequently built two other cash-cow businesses – Real Estate Investing and Sales Education companies.

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