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WYODC CONFIDENTIAL #29: Your Hidden Obstacles to Success


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What’s up folks?

In this session of WYODC Confidential, I wanna share from Rich Schfren’s “Hidden Obstacles to Success” report. It’s a previously paid report that’s now available for free. Kenneth credits it as the single biggest catalyst that got him from 6 to 7 figures with the year. 

Read on to get the link. First, here’s an excerpt from the report.  

“Most entrepreneurs pay dearly for this polluting flood of bogus benefits and empty promises. I say polluting because instead of getting what you need, and stripping away your excuses, these messages do the opposite. 

In fact, they provide you with a whole new set of excuses.

You can’t succeed without this secret traffic strategy, or this new video tactic, or without this new software program — the result is more distraction and more excuses.

What’s most astonishing is how many entrepreneurs are actively engaging in this game. Gobbling up these delusions. You would think they’d eventually wake up, stand up and say “hey, anybody notice this isn’t working?”

Well, I am saying that, I am shouting that, you need to start thinking differently. It might not be what you are accustomed to hearing, but I don’t care. 

You don‟t need rah-rah rhetoric, secret strategies, quick-fix solutions, or incredibly complicated tactics you’ll never apply.

What you need to see is that both the causes and cures for your problem are found inside your mind, not the marketplace. 

That may or may not be difficult for you to accept right now. But trust me, it’s true. And before you’re done reading this report you’ll be certain of it too.

The causes and cures for your problem are found inside your mind, not the marketplace.

You see, there is a set of beliefs, knowledge and perspectives necessary to think and act the way a strategic entrepreneur does. 

It’s critical to your business success. 

As a result it’s not an overstatement to say – if you’re trying to grow an online business and you’re missing any of these necessary beliefs, knowledge or perspectives it’s the equivalent of being functionally illiterate.”


This is profound.

Once again, if you’ve been in business for quite some time now… 

More often than not, whenever you see offers marketed to you… 

They’ll often seem low-effort, gimmicky and “too-good-to-be true”. 

There’s a psychological reason for this of course…

Because it’s much easier speaking to the primal brain than the prefrontal cortex (This is something discussed in the book Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff).

Your primal brain deals with reproduction and survival… this is the part of the brain that doesn’t deal with complex ideas.

It’s also called the “croc brain”.

The part of the brain that manages complexity is called the prefrontal cortex.

That’s the component which governs most of our decision-making, goal-setting and strategy-building.

Now, most people don’t realize that business success (or business failure) is a highly complex topic.

Sometimes, what keeps us stuck in business is usually a lack of clarity.

Or a lack of direction of where we’re going.


Which is why we procrastinate… 

Or experience Analysis-Paralysis… 

Or sometimes, we feel overloaded because we’re taking in too many things and we don’t know how to take action.

You can’t solve a problem which needs your prefrontal cortex of your brain with your primal brain. 

It’s almost like fighting a group of terrorists armed to the teeth with a knife.

Just like how Kenneth would say…

“You can’t drive a Maserati to the Moon”. 

A Maserati gets you from one place to another on earth… but if you want to travel to another planet… 

Getting a better car is not the solution.

And that’s the same with building a successful business… 

If you’re going from 5 figures to 6 figures or 6 figures to 7 figures, you need a completely different set of skills and expertise to advance.

These are skills like high-ticket selling, hiring, managing, coaching…. 

And so, you’re definitely not one funnel or one sales letter away… 

That’s the thing most people don’t realize…

We all tend to look for the next quick-fix whenever we are stuck.

This usually makes it worse because we’ll end up getting distracted and hopping around chasing other shiny objects. 

Most of the time, business problems which require our prefrontal cortex to solve are problems we don’t really want to solve. 

We’re gonna have to face things that we don’t want to face.

If you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to face them, then I’ll urge you to make a hot cup of coffee and read “Hidden Obstacles to Success”.

Block off a good 2-3 hours for this.

Do the exercises.

Reflect and Reread. 

I’m not gonna post the report here since Kenneth didn’t want to share the link freely because the report was written by Rich. Besides in this instance, there’s nothing to sell. It’s just an extremely VALUABLE resource. 

You can download it after joining Rich Schefren’s “Strategic Profits” Facebook Group.

The Link is Here





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