April 13

WYODC Weekly #50: Copy Team Training?


Hi ,

Whew, we reached 50 issues of WYODC Weekly. Talk about a milestone hey? Rest assured, there’s a lot of exciting things around the corner. New products. New frameworks. New ways to do business in 2022.  

And you’ll get it here first. 😉 

However in this issue, we’re addressing a very specific target audience…  

Namely, the business owner with a marketing team of 3 members or more — looking to boost their productivity and ROAS because of skyrocketing costs. 

You see, we have recently opened up Holy Grail Corporate Training for companies in the online marketing space who want to scale fast, upgrading their teams to churn out persuasive sales letters, landing pages and ad copy.  

And the results have been staggering: 

* 1 of my students created a webinar opt-in page with an 86% opt-in rate and 75% show-up rate. The sales numbers were in the millions as well. 

* Another student create an overnight 76% boost from from a stage closing sequence. 

* People around the world have been reporting incredible numbers with the Shock Therapy strategy.  

If you want your business to level up in their persuasion acumen, just REPLY to this email and I will furnish you with a Google Doc to begin the conversation.

FUN FACT:  I have devised corporate training and curriculum design for clients like BMW, McDonald’s and Zurich Insurance… As well as multiple boards and governments.  

As a result, the powerful Holy Grail principles can almost be downloaded in the brains of your team — giving them the tools to generate blockbuster marketing campaigns so that you can profit the following weeks and months. 

So what makes this different than the standard Holy Grail offerings? Here’s the key advantage to the corporate program. 

You get the Holy Grail copy strategies, frameworks and techniques customised to your business DNA… Solutions for your specific needs… Application to your existing promos… So that you can come out roaring out of the gate.  

To get your hands on more details, please REPLY to this email to get access to the Google doc so we can continue the conversation.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,
Kenneth Yu 

P.S. Here’s what Tony Flores… Co-creator of the highest-regarded copy program of the last decade together with Clayton Makepeace has to say about the Holy Grail. 



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