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It’s Zachary here…

What’s the #1 thing you wanna avoid in your life and business?

Truth be told, if you’re being honest — it’s probably failure, right?

After all, despite the personal development adage to “fail forward“, failure flat out sucks. 

What if I told you there is a way to minimise (you can’t 100% eradicate) failing in life and business? 

First off, what does failure mean to you?

Kenneth defined FAILURE as a build-up of poor thinking, poor desire, and poor decisions.

Very few could face the shameful reality of failure. Most of them would run away from it.

What if you CAN avoid failure and its piercing pain?

In the recent Inner Sanctum call, Kenneth shared the 3-step No-Fail-Zone… a framework created from his life and business experiences.

Here’s a snippet from one of his sharings (I can’t share all the deeds because some of our members paid thousands of dollars for this!

One of the ingredients that can cause you to fail is… DENIAL.

Lemme give you an example…

One of the biggest television satellite providers in Malaysia, Astro is seeing a staggering dip in revenue lately. All because of…

Increasing market share of competitors like Netflix… 

Poor reception during poor weather… which leads to poor service. 

And Kenneth shared that Astro’s Executives were probably aware of the threats long ago but they chose to turn a blind eye to it because it’s way too comfortable to stick to whatever they were doing and not innovate.

They chose to not do anything when the threat first surfaced and they are now experiencing the fruits of their actions.

But that’s just an example from a corporate standpoint… 

If we apply this to our own lives and business, the question we can ask ourselves is this…

What are some of the most uncomfortable problems that I don’t want to face? 

Answering this will shine light to some of the issues you’re facing. 

The challenge for you is not to continue denying them. 

It’s completely understandable why people go into denial… these problems take up a whole lot of mental space because they are complex and are not easy to solve… 

Which is why Kenneth shared a 3-step process for you to tackle denial1. Remove the wall of denial.

Have your guts to address denial at a very early cycle… for ignorance will kill you.

When you feel something that is uncomfortable from the very beginning, do not ignore it.

For chances are you are onto something… 2. Use the torchlight before the spotlight comes.

Kenneth has this saying…

“Be horrified before you can be happy.”

This means you should ideally not run from your problems and while your problems may seem scary and humongous in the beginning…

Having clarity of these issues will bring you closer to solving them.

One of the best ways is to clear your mind and jot down the different problems from different angles of your life – be it short-term or long-term issues.

  • Family
  • Emotions and thoughts
  • Business
  • Health
  • Marriage

Start asking very hard questions about each of them.

If it’s quantifiable, get a good measure so that you can see where you are at. 

For example, 

To evaluate your health, you can run a health or fitness test. 

For business, run your numbers and do P&L.

For family, emotions, and thoughts, write out what you think and feel3. Create a Realistic Game Plan

Here’s where you take realistic action(s) to avoid catastrophe in each of the 4 areas mentioned earlier. 

For example, let’s say for health… 

Now that you’ve done your blood test, if your blood sugar is high… 

You have to start planning solutions to solve that problem.

Your game plan can be:

  • Keto diet.
  • 3-day-a-week gym.
  • Alternative health solution (supplements/detox). 

Because these problems won’t solve themselves, you have to start planning to deal with them individually. 

Of course if your time and energy is limited, you can prioritize them in any way you wish. 

Just don’t sit and wait for the problem to go away.

That’s just basically denial which you want to avoid… 

With that, welcome to the No Fail Zone. 



P.S. If you think Kenneth should do a deep-dive on how to avoid catastrophic failure and how to create pain-free success, do let us know. 🙂


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