May 18

WYODC WEEKLY #54: hack your customer’s brain


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Zachary here… 

If you’re an investor, you’d probably know that the markets were heavily in the red last week.

And it’s all due to a hackable human quirk that you can deploy to enhance your marketing results (responsibly, of course). Read on to find out more. 

So back to the markets, stocks were down.

Cryptocurrencies were bleeding. 

All these price-action created immense emotions for market participants. 

Because what they deemed to be a form of “safe investing” became a ponzi.

As a result, people sold their assets in a frantic panic. 

Those who didn’t manage to get on the lifeboat saw their tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars become a few cents. 

Sadly, there were some people so vested that they let their emotions get the better of them… leading them to commit suicide.

That said, there is a lot we can learn from this episode as an entrepreneur, investor or marketer.

This incident highlighted the “FOMO” behavior where people recklessly make decisions just because a ton of people were doing it. 

This is also known as the Social Signaling effect.

You probably know this by now, but there’s a fast brain and slow brain as explained by Daniel Kahnman. 

To give you a gist, we spend only 20% of our time solving problems with our slow brain because it takes a longer time and it’s more laborious. 

And most of the time, we use our fast-brain to find shortcuts to solve problems. 

One of the biggest triggers of our brain is Social Signaling. 

In the case of investing or money management, we look to the big name investors or crypto whales like Elon Musk or Sam Bankman Fried.

In the case of marketing or entrepreneurship, we look to gurus like Alen Sultanic or Rich Schefren.

By default, our brain uses the top of the industry as a metric for Social Signaling. 

The good news is if used correctly, Social Signaling can be more powerful than any VSL or webinar. 

This is why I’ve invited my good friend Michal Kankowski to share about Cognitive Biases. These are some of the most powerful triggers behind why most people buy.

If you’re business owner, copywriter or sales person struggling to increase sales conversion…

Check out these marketing psychology cheatsheet and viral marketing case studies… to help you increase your sales by 217% this week!

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As a founder Kickstart Side Hustle platform and also part of WYODC family, Michal Kankowski has deconstructed Multi-Million Dollar Viral Case Studies & Cognitive Biases… 

And turned them into 2-min frameworks — which are illustrated below. 

These are the perfect cheatsheet to keep on hand for… when you need quick and fun learning about psychology and marketing principles – that influence your customers buying decisions.

You can get FREE samples of Michal’s cheatsheet >> HERE

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Imagine launching your product today and 2 months later selling it to Facebook for $30,000,000!

That’s the case with @nikitabier and his team when they launched the “tbh” app.

This is how they did it by leveraging psychology in marketing.

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