June 7

WYODC Weekly #57: Queen of Spiritual Copy?



Zach here… 

Lately, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to speak to the “Queen of Spiritual Copy” Wendy Song.

Wendy is one of the pioneers of WYODC who invested in Kenneth’s Holy Grail Copywriting program.

Interestingly, she kicked off her copywriting career in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And I must say… she’s rising quickly to become a top-tier Spiritual Copywriter as she’s the go-to marketer for one of the biggest personal development companies in the industry. 

Let’s hear from Wendy…

“When I first “met” Copywriting in 2010, there was no chemistry whatsoever. 

Being fresh and eager to explore the wide wild world of digital marketing, 

I started “dating” various facets of digital marketing like blogging… social media… marketing… ecommerce… mobile apps, etc… leaving Copywriting to the side.

While being exhausted from all of the datings and suffering a few broken hearts (huhu), something hit my heart in March 2020.

I never knew you (Copywriting) were THE ONE waiting for me all these years… 

… when an entrepreneur approached me for copywriting — after sharing my various digital marketing experiences.  

At the PERFECT time, I discovered Kenneth’s Copywriting course when Eddie Chen invited me to the Knights of the Holy Grail FB group.

Chemistry SPARKS and I fell in LOVE with Copywriting… 

I learned from Kenneth’s 5 videos and took down lots of notes.  

Eventually, I got 2 clients in July 2020. They liked my copy… thanks to what I learned from Kenneth. 

But I felt I could do better… and I kinda regret missing the El Dorado ship earlier. 

Then the opportunity came again… 

I saw Kenneth reopen his Holy Grail Copywriting (HGC) course in Dec 2020.

And I didn’t hesitate to jump into El Dorado ship this time!

On my first day in the City of Gold, as I learned HGC… I fell deeper in love with Copywriting and I knew I’ve made the PERFECT DECISION to join!

Kenneth has a unique blend for his copywriting framework which helps you to craft highly compelling storytelling and copy. 

He’s generous in his sharing with extra tips and bonuses. 

I must say… in this City of Gold, I was busy picking up SO MANY mind-blowing and REAL golden copy nuggets.

My confidence grew, and I was able to write more persuasively than ever before.

3 weeks after joining HGC, I got a copywriting gig from a Media Directory client. 

The BEST part is this gig paid off my TOTAL investment in HGC!

Eventually my client absorbed me as an in-house copywriter and now as Editorial… where they gave me the flexibility to work on my own time and come up with writing angles — while I enjoy a monthly retainer income. The company is now embarking in Web 3.0 and planning for public listing.

As I’m embarking on my spiritual journey, I had a BIG win last year…

… when one of the biggest Personal Development/Manifestation companies in Singapore hired me as their retainer copywriter. 

What’s more satisfying is I get constant praises from my clients (long-term and ad-hoc) who are happy with my copy and results so far.

Abundance thanks to Kenneth for sharing his gift of copywriting to us. 

Special thanks also to few of HGC members I connect with on regular basis – the El Dorado community is helpful, fun and knowledgeable.“

There we have it… Wendy’s interesting sharing!

I’m happy for Wendy who had made great progress in her copywriting career within a short period of time after joining HGC.

If you like stories like that, stay tuned for more content on WYODC Weekly. 

By the way, check out Kenneth’s latest interview on “How to make 7-figures with Copywriting”.




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