June 15

WYODC Weekly #58: How Holy Grail Helped Lutfi


Hi , 

It’s Zach here… 

Today I want to share about Lutfi Isnin, an up-and-coming A-List Copywriter who also invested in Kenneth’s HGC program.

Lutfi is one of the behind-the-scenes Mastermind who has written viral Youtube Ads which have accumulated millions of views. 

He has also worked with another Copywriting giant, Stefan Georgi in a few projects.

Anyway, to cut the story short… I have had the fortune to interview Lutfi.

So lemme share his story with you…

Before WYODC, Lufti was already a decent copywriter. 

He already had existing frameworks to create angles, hooks and big ideas.

However, sometimes he feels like he ran out of new things to try.

It was an accidental discovery of WYODC when his friend sent him a referral link to join a free Facebook group — where there are new daily training videos to watch.

Without giving much thought, he joined the Knights of Holy Grail group. 

Guess what?

This was his first impression of Kenneth… 

“Who is this weirdo with the beard and funny hats, spewing bombastic words about copywriting?”

But something CAUGHT Lutfi’s attention…

The module training videos Kenneth shared were virtually unavailable anywhere else!

It was really DIFFERENT from what Lutfi had learned from other copywriting mentors he learned from.

(Now if you’re in HGC, I think you would resonate with Lutfi.)

One of the Lutfi’s favourite tools is the TADA Template. It helps him to ideate and structure his thoughts.

The TADA Template is the secret weapon that helped him to write viral YouTube ad scripts that convert really well and get MILLIONS of VIEWS!

Amazing, right?

After listening to Wendy’s and Lutfi’s stories, are you getting more intrigued to find out how you can use the Holy Grail Method for your copywriting or business?

The good news is Kenneth is reopening is Holy Grail Program again. And as per his usual style, he’s going to drop a keynote on how to use copywriting to combat the current recession. 

HOLY GRAIL MANDATE: How to Use Copywriting to Thrive in the Recession

DATE: 16 June 2022 (THU)

TIME: 9.00 am EST | 9.00 pm GMT+8


You see, the Holy Grail is not just a method for Kenneth. It’s a code. A way of life.

These very principles are not just for copywriting, but comprise the means for generating massive wealth.

He 6Xed my net worth in this Covid season — from these strategies I’ll reveal next week.

He will also show you why during this tumultuous season, you have a window of opportunity for skyrocketing your income ONCE you get these secrets.

In the bonus keynote, you’ll discover:

  • What the heck is the Great Wealth Transfer, and what the heck does that have to do with copywriting (HINT: Everything!)
  • Why Holy Grail offer creation is the single biggest skill for the new economy
  • The Barbell Approach for making your entrepreneurship efforts worth it.
  • The 5-point IMBUE Checklist to create Blockbuster Offers
  • PLUS: How I used the Holy Grail principles for flinging open the doors to celebrities, gurus and kings.
  • And much, much more.
  • Join the group to get exclusive access!




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