June 22

WYODC Weekly #59: Tenacious Tifa!


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Zach here… 

Today, I’ll be interviewing another up-and-coming copywriter Tifa Ong. 

Tifa is also one of our beloved WYODC community members. 

She was initially clueless about Copywriting and got to know about WYODC when the pandemic hit. 

Nonetheless, she joined the Holy Grail program and didn’t look back ever since.

Last week, I had the privilege of hearing her inspirational story:

Here’s what she said…

What was life before WYODC? 

Tifa: When the COVID 19 pandemic hit Malaysia, my biggest client left and I lost my sole income overnight. 

From USD1K/month yesterday, my income suffered a steep drop to USD100 – USD200. 

I got really scared and I was also struggling to find clients. 

At this stage, I couldn’t find clients. 

And for those clients who are looking for copywriters, they are looking for experienced copywriters with a track record. But I have nothing to back up my skills. 

How did you stumble upon WYODC? 

Tifa: One of my friends who knew I was struggling with copywriting and he heard about Kenneth while working in Mind Valley… asked me to check Kenneth out. 

Coincidentally during that time, he was launching Knights of Holy Grail i.e. the 5-day free training. 

So I joined and found out what he taught is fairly helpful, very relevant and has a lot more value compared to any paid courses.

Do you get results from applying the Knights of the Holy Grail? Or like how was your experience? 

Tifa: One of the best principles I’ve learned is lucrative narratives

I’ve been using these frameworks (Triumph Over Tragedy, Marginalised Underdog) over and over again to write engaging and emotional stories. 

What kind of results do you get after applying these principles? 

Tifa: I’ve been positioning myself as a copywriter and a storyteller. And my clients really liked the way I write stories. 

Right now, I’ve been getting a constant stream of clients and I’ve been able to retain them!

If I were to compare myself now to me back in 2020, I have totally transformed as a copywriter. 

What gave you the confidence and self-esteem that you didn’t have previously, apart from applying all these principles?

Tifa: The copywriting knowledge that Kenneth had taught me WORKS because everything he taught is backed by decades of experience.

He’s the chief copywriter of Mindvalley afterall and he has been in this industry long enough to know what works and what doesn’t 

Having the guidance of an A-List Copywriter gives me confidence. 

And the confidence shows in my work… which impresses my clients too.

And that’s why my clients want to retain me because it’s really difficult to get a copywriter who can write great stories and in their brand voice. 

What was the most valuable thing that you’ve learned? 

Tifa: Besides copywriting principles, Kenneth also teaches us business and life principles.

One of the principles which really helped me a lot throughout my journey is… 

Always start from the finish line

This means always starting with the highest chance of success.

And how do you start with the highest chance of success as a copywriter? 

  • You get a mentor who has been there and done that. 
  • You take the proven frameworks which have the highest chance of success.
  • You do a lot of research using Terrain Telepathy to make sure you really understand the audience before writing any copy. 

What is your income transformation?

Tifa: When I was just starting out, I had a client who pays me USD1K+/month. 

Then it went down to USD100-200. 

Right now, I’m between USD2K to USD3K and it’s going to go up!

I don’t know about you… but I’m quite thrilled for Tifa after hearing her win.

Tifa has been really brave and resourceful as she didn’t allow the pandemic to stop her from hitting her goals…

She bounced back even stronger, making even more money than before.

And she did this with the help of the Holy Grail Program.

​​The good news is Kenneth is reopening is Holy Grail Program again. And as per his usual style… 

All you need to do is say “El Dorado” in Messenger for details on a brand new improved offer. 

See you next week! 



P.S. Also… Kenneth has created a brand new Mastermind Tier called “Empire”. It’s basically his entire blueprint for becoming a Holy Grail Offer Owner and enjoying the lifestyle of freedom that comes with it.  To get all the details… Say EL DORADO here. 


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