July 12

WYODC Weekly #62: EMPIRE Goal Setting


Hi , 

Zach here… 

We’ve just passed the second quarter of 2022.

Have you done a mid-year reflection yet?

This is an excellent time to take stock and see what needs improvement.

One of the best ways to do this is to use an actionable and structured framework to reflect and set your goals on what you want to accomplish for the rest of the year. 

You’re in luck as I’m granted the permission to share Laura Kuimba’s EMPIRE Goal Setting Framework with you.(NOTE FROM KENNETH: Yes. Yes. I’m aware the EMPIRE goal setting is the same name as the Empire coaching program. What can I say? I lack imagination! :p)

So, let’s go…

The EMPIRE system consists of 6 areas i.e.

Mission, Enterprise, Physical, Emotional, Relational, Intellectual.


To begin with…

Step 1: Assessment

Assess how you are doing in each area by putting a score from 1-10.

Are you at Peak (at 10) or the Bottom of the Pit (at 1)?

Here’s an example to illustrate how you do it:


You get it?

Step 2: Plan Your Actions

Think about some actions you want to improve for each area. 

1. Enterprise 


For the next 2 quarters of the year, you can start thinking about the endeavors you’d like to pursue.

For example if you’re an entrepreneur… you can start thinking:

What are the areas you want to measure in terms of productivity and performance?

What are your specific objectives? i.e. what’s enriching (i.e. adding to your life/skill/network) and what gives you the satisfaction.

What are your short, medium, and long-term goals?

2. Mission 


For the Mission Component, you have to dig deeper on the “Intangibles” of your business.

You do this by asking questions like… 

WHY does your business exist?

How closely are you aligned to delivering your mission? 

What are some of the beliefs you have about your business and the intangible benefits you are bringing?

Having clarity of your mission is important because it helps you create alignment with your team, clients and partners. 

3. Physical 


A) On a personal level, you need to take care of your body. This can mean eating healthier and working out if you have been neglecting your health.

It can also mean taking care of your mental health if you are feeling burnt out or stressed out. 

Overall, you have to step back to look at the bigger ecosystem you are creating.

And see if your work supports your goals?

Step back to look at the bigger ecosystem.

B) On an organization level, how do you sustain? 

What are your backup plans? 

You have to start zooming out to gain perspective about your business and life.

4. Intellectual


You also have to reflect on your intellectual growth.

Are you reading and growing towards becoming the person you want to be?

What new skills and knowledge are you developing?

Laura feels that it’s important to read widely to gain new perspectives.

The more you feed your mind, the more neural connections you can begin to make in your head.

This is also how you build a brain that is well-versed in multiple disciplines. 5. Relational


How well are you managing key relationships with your loved ones, family, business partners, and team?

On a relationship level, it’s important to have mentors, mentees, and peers.

Take intentional active steps on contributing and reaching out to people you want to connect.

This is important because Doors are opened by people.

When you’re connected with the right people, it can position you to opportunities that you can leverage on. 

6. Emotional


Are you aware of what’s going on in your own world emotionally and with others?

Are you able to accept the reality?

What are the challenges or obstacles are you facing?

What counter-measures or strategies do you have to cope with these obstacles?

As you’re building your empire, where are the areas you need to start building more autonomy and appreciation?

What do you need to delegate?

What’s stopping you from delegating? Is it due to lack of trust or leadership skill?

Step 3: Commit to take practical action steps

You can focus on 1-2 areas at a given time and develop that for the next 3-6 months.

Step 4: Plan your Next Check-In

After 3 or 6 months, evaluate whether you’re still on track and growing? Or you got sidetracked?

Repeat Step 1 -3 and take actions again.

Trust this EMPIRE goal setting framework is useful for you.

One Bonus Tip is to align EMPIRE goal setting with your core values — so you can make the GREATEST impact.

I recommend you set aside 1-2 quiet days to do this reflection and goal setting for the remaining 2022.

Here’s success to your business and life for the remaining 2022!

Btw, if you would like a more comprehensive deeper-dive walkthrough on how to set better goals… you can reach out to Laura Kuimba Yu. 

Laura is Kenneth’s other half and she’s the one responsible for growing their companies to 7-figures. She’s also the chairperson of a global NGO and one of the fastest growing coaches in the Women Leadership Community.

If this goal-setting exercise was relevant (and hopefully powerful) for you… would you like an EMPIRE product that goes much deeper into goal-setting so you can start identifying and prioritising the key goals of your business? And get results in all areas of your life? 

If this sounds like an attractive offer to you, hit the “REPLY” button and let us know. 




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