April 10

You’re One Idea Away 💡


What I’m Reading:

I’m reading a whole bunch of Webinar Scripts and slides.

I’m currently preparing for my Napoleon Business Keynote Talk I’ll be giving at the Anthony McCarthy Summit. 

It’s a completely new concept I’ve invented – I can’t wait to share it with you.

This is a good reminder for myself that when I’m picking up something completely new… it’s good to model after whatever works.

What I’m Watching: 

I’m currently watching The Menu.

It’s a horror comedy that’s pretty amazing – this series is great at giving surprises.

You should watch it if you’d like to learn how to give people what they want in a way they don’t expect.

That’s a core tenet I teach in WYODC.

What I’m Thinking:

Today, I would like to expound on one of the ideas I’ve discussed in the last few weeks, Precession.

Here’s the thing:

Everything you do – big or small… can have a possible long-term effect.

Precession is the phenomenon of creating ripple effects that are unknown and unintended.

Like how a butterfly flaps its wings near a pond, it sends waves of vibrations in the water.

Now, Precession is often accompanied by a Snowball Effect.

This means that one beneficial ripple effect can create another beneficial ripple effect. 

That’s how tidal waves work.

One wave creates another, and subsequently, countless waves are created.

If you truly want to succeed in business, one of the most powerful ideas you can learn is to create Compound Precessionary Effects.

Case in point:

In the Spring of 2020, I learned the FB Group Business Model from Caleb O Dowd.

That led to the accidental founding of WYODC and me suddenly making 6-figures from an online launch.

This led to the second-order precessionary effects of helping more people make a living online.

One of my first students, Luke Bong, started his online business shortly after the pandemic hit.

Here’s his story:

Luke made $10K from my free training alone. 

The craziest thing is that Luke just took action on his one idea: to become an online coach. 

Well, he had that initial thought.

And then he came to my free training which he got enough information on how to implement.

Then he took action and immediately got results.

What’s the Lesson Here?

Sometimes, you’re just one idea away.

Getting results isn’t hard – you don’t have to be “perfect”.

All you need is to have that right idea or direction… and then followed by a nudge from a mentor or teacher.

I experienced this magic personally.

Back then, I created Twitter Salvation as my first digital product – it made me enough bank to fund my wedding with Laura.

I got the idea to create my own offer after learning from Vishen and Mindvalley.

The consequence of not creating Twitter Salvation would also mean that I couldn’t fund my wedding. 

And that could totally change the trajectory of my life.

One, I wouldn’t have married Laura.

Two, I wouldn’t be exposed to the power of making a living online.

Three, I wouldn’t be considered one of this industry’s pioneers. (Which gives me massive power as an authority leader). 

Taking action on that one idea I had changed my life forever – in an incredible way. 

What if I tell you that you have an opportunity to create Compound Precessionary effects in your life and business today?

One of my friends, Anthony McCarthy, is holding a virtual summit sharing the various strategies you can use to build an online business in the Post Pandemic Era.

I’ll be one of the speakers there 🙂 

Hence, you’re of course, invited to attend – it’s completely complimentary.

Click the link here to Register.

Just come – who knows, you might take away a business model or strategy which could change your life.

Afterall, you’re one idea away 💡


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