October 29

👻 something weird happened at Matt’s home


Hi ,

Prob the biggest one on Millionaire’s row.

Really grateful for him and his amazing family for hosting me.

Anyway, something face-palm inducing happened on Wednesday morning.

I was doing laundry, in preparation for my trip to NYC.

At 5.30 am (yes, I’m an early riser), I finished with the washer.

Just as I was about to start the next phase, I realised the dryer door was stuck.

I tried to yank it open — it didn’t work.

Looked at the internet for a manual — to no avail.

Even attempted to reprogramming the machine and rebooting it – no bueno.

I literally spent 2 hours trying everything.

Eventually, since Matt’s machines are state of the art — I concluded it must be some algorithm or microchip thing… I needed 1 of the household members to wake up to tell me what to do.

In my mind, I had envisioned worst case scenarios of transporting wet clothes from Philly to NYC in the autumn cold.

Thankfully, Matt’s son chirped good morning from the massive upstairs balcony.

I responded, “you’re 1 of my fave people at the moment — how the heck do I open the dryer door?”

He obliged by sprinting down and as he approached the dryer… I thought he was going to input a secret code, or do something complicated… ALAS…

He opened the dryer door FROM THE OTHER SIDE.

That was it.

People call me genius… And all it took was something so freakin’ simple.

I laughed. Matt laughed. His hold household laughed — when I told them later.

Anyway… here’s the lesson.

If you’re stuck… Hitting your head on the ceiling… Not getting the breakthrough you deserve…

It may not be a complex issue you’re grappling with.

Sometimes, all it takes is to open the door from the other side.

But in order to do that, you need SOMEONE to point that out.

You need a mentor who can see the forest from the trees and giving you that edge.

Someone who UNDERSTANDS how to mechanics of business and copy work.

So with just a single tweak — your business starts flourishing… Your wallet starts getting filled up… Income becomes so much easier…

Well… Now you can.

We’re reopening Holy Grail. I get paid USD50k a project now… yet I’m gonna look at your promos and give you the insights to quickly grow your business in El Dorado.

I have added hundreds of millions to various companies, and I’m doing this for a song — because my heart is to help.

So if you’re ready to “open the door from the other side”…

Shout El Dorado and we’ll help you get there with our exclusive Google Doc invite.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,
Kenneth Yu

P.S. USD25k worth of bonuses are ending this coming Sunday on Oct 31, 2022. So shout El Dorado here to get all the deets. 


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