October 25

Desperate Google?


Hi ,

A few years back, I had an unusual encounter with a lady I met during a networking dinner in Singapore. 

She was indeed an unorthodox oddball. 

It was the first time I saw someone as unconventional as me when I first spoke to her.

She told me that she was running a 7-figure business doing network engineering. 

I was like: “What the heck…” 

Let’s call her Sarah.

Sarah was relatively young – in her 30s, and there she was, running a million-dollar business in an extremely niche market. 

Most surprisingly, she was only serving two clients – Google & Facebook.

She was their go-to person for all their networking needs. Big Corporations didn’t own 100% of their I.T infrastructure, and Sarah exploited a gap in the market that she could fill. 

With her background in tech, it wasn’t difficult for her to solve all their client’s networking problems. 

That’s the power of TIMELY RELEVANCE.

Timely Relevance is incredibly powerful because of a simple idea.

Everyone knows you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink.

But when the horse is thirsty, it goes around BEGGING for water. 

Now, think about it:

How can you apply this lesson back to business?

Sarah was smart because she didn’t pitch her service laboriously to a group of companies that didn’t appreciate her services.

She spoke to Google & Facebook through her contacts – found out about their Moving Pain, and then created her unique service, a personalized Network Engineering Solution.

Sarah wasn’t an expert marketer, but she knew how to create a Holy Grail Offer.

Because she has mastered the art of TIMELY RELEVANCE.

Now, if you’re an entrepreneur or a consultant like Sarah, knowing to leverage Timing in your Holy Grail Offers is incredibly important.

Because if you do it RIGHT, you can scale up and attain a higher level of leverage in your business. 

If you’re looking to create your own Holy Grail offer like Sarah, I’d like to invite you to reply “EL DORADO” to this email.

I’ll send you the google doc on Holy Grail Copywriting in a bit.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire, and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu 


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