February 14

DON’T fall for this 💘


It’s Valentine’s Day today when love is in the air and couples rejoice! 

And I’d like to share one lesson that can transform your entire paradigm of copywriting, marketing, and business.

As copywriters or marketers, we tend to be infatuated with our angles, campaigns, and ideas… 

After all, we spend tons of time on research (Hundreds to thousands of hours).

And underlying all that effort, there is a subtle desire for us to feel validated. 

Hence, we tend to think that our big ideas or clever soundbites are brilliant.

When this happens, we risk getting caught up in our own heads. 

Most of the time, your prospects don’t want overly sophisticated concepts – they want something actionable, simple, and quick to get a result.

They want instructions… 

Easy-to-understand directions.

The problem is simplicity can sometimes be complex because it can be hard to draw the line…

When you make it too simple… it gets boring.

And as you’d know, boring doesn’t sell… 

So how do you make an idea simple… YET interesting?

Come for my upcoming Holy Grail Mandate Keynote, for this is a concept that I’ll be sharing.

Meanwhile, the VDay lesson I’d like to leave with you today is this:

Fall in love with your audience. Not your angles.

I get that it can be difficult to killthe hooks and ideas you spend countless hours crafting because there’s an element of sunk cost in it.

But if you truly want your conversions and sales to skyrocket, heed my advice.

For I’ve made this mistake countless times.

I hope you love this Valentine’s Day tip.

Btw, I’ll be RE-LAUNCHING Knights of the Holy Grail this week.

Join if you want more advice and tips on becoming a highly-paid copywriter. 


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