December 15

From Rags to Riches with 📱



In the last 2 emails, I shared about my buddy Paul O’Mahony.

Paul’s an inspiring guy and I want to share his story as he went through a transformative journey from an underdog to a multi-millionaire.

Paul lost a ton of money in the last recession as he invested in property at the top of the real estate market before the economic crisis hit.

Then he subsequently lost a huge chunk of his net worth in the stock market.

As he was broke, he had no choice but to think of ingenious ways of making money – that was back in the day when Facebook and Twitter was popular.

Paul tried building a brand on FB and Twitter and things went well for him. He went on to make 7,000 followers in 7 days and generated a couple of sales.

In four months he generated €10k and had made his first million in fourteen months.

On 16 December 2022 (Friday) 11am EST, Paul will be sharing his revolutionary method to monetize your Social Media Brands in an upcoming FREE LIVE workshop called “Rethink Social Media” – Stop Wasting Time, Start Earning Money.

In this Special FREE LIVE Webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why this recession is probably the best money-making opportunity for you.
  • How to make money online without any products or business experience
  • How to scale your business (if you already have one) so you can have your time and energy back.
  • Hear all about our Membership site, where you can access additional webclasses and skill sessions on how to improve different aspects of your online business 
  • How to find ideal clients from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

If you’re truly curious about making a windfall from Social Media during the recession thenCLICK HERE To REGISTER Immediately!

See you there!

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu


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