June 5

Gratitude 😍


The Vault has been a massive success for all the participants and speakers involved. 

All thanks to my capable wife for coordinating the logistics of the entire event. 

Will read a book this week as I take time off from work.

What I’m Reading:

I’m reading the notes of The Vault Event prepared by Sean Sin, a member of the WYODC community. 

He condensed 16 pages worth of notes across 2 days.

Now, if you’ve attended The Vault and you’d like a refresher of whatever we covered – you can check out Sean’s notes in the Telegram Group Chat.

We’re looking at refining the notes a little bit more for a second, revised edition for you.

What I’m Thinking:

Over the weekend, I gave an extended Keynote on the concept of Franken-Mind at The Vault in Penang.

So one of the things that I was thinking about when developing this Strategic Thinking Framework is this:

What Challenges Should the Franken-Mind Deal With?

This is important because strategy has become an overly-hyped word in the last decade. 

It’s loosely thrown around in business schools and corporations without any real meaning.

I wanted Franken-Mind Strategy to be a swiss-army-knife-like Framework

So that any corporation, government or even startup can easily apply.

As I was doodling on a piece of paper, I brainstormed half a dozen different challenges:

  • The Velocity of Information Change (How fast do best practices get outdated? – this would determine the frequency of having to change strategies).
  • The SandPile Effect (We live in an interconnected world and one factor affects another factor. How should we approach change without breaking things unconsciously?)
  • Overwhelm and Overload (Today, we have a problem of an abundance of information which may distract and mislead us away from identifying the core issues of any challenge.) 
  • Duct Tape Default (Things get messy when you put them together – Be it a new funnel, offer or even an event. How do you get a good output without compromising too many resources?)
  • Industry Innovation (Most businesses are linear. When we take and incorporate ideas from other industries, it’s much easier to innovate and have an edge).
  • Cultural Cross-Pollination (Different countries think differently. How can we learn from one another to fortify that competitive moat around our business?)

As you can tell, these are real issues as we live in an era of unprecedented uncertainty.

We now live in an increasingly polarized world whereby we’re increasingly conditioned to take sides and choose the opposite end of the spectrum.

  • East vs West.
  • Right vs Left.
  • Capitalism vs Socialism.
  • Woke vs Asleep 

However, when you take sides… your vision becomes clouded.

And you can’t see the silver lining on the opposite end which makes you miss out on both opportunities and risk.

When you adopt the Franken-Mind Strategic Thinking Model – you’ll be miles ahead of your competition because you can see through the different layers of complexity.

When you’re able to see both sides of the argument… you can pick the best of both worlds. 

This will help you identify opportunities and de-risk better.

Hence, you can transform the way you accrue wealth and build businesses. 


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