February 20

How Hubs can help you


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What I’m Watching:

One of the best tips I taught my mentees to better apply Holy Grail Copywriting is to watch the best Netflix series. 

You can learn a lot from them about their techniques to hook you in…

And get you to binge-watch episode after episode.

 I’m watching The Last of Us right now… and it’s a masterpiece.

This series uses “Breach of Mind” and “Cold Opens” extremely well to convey the story – that’s something I’m actively learning while I watch the series.

If you want to become a better storyteller, you should watch “The Last of Us.”

What I’m Reading:

The Winner Effect by Ian Robertson.

I’m reading this book to help my newer copywriters develop a winning psychology. 

One of the most interesting findings the author had is this:

The Winner Effect describes the Increased probability that an animal will win future aggressive interactions after experiencing previous wins.

Conversely, the Loser Effect increases the probability that an animal will lose future aggressive interactions.

Does this sound familiar?

You might see this phenomenon in basketball, MMA, or soccer.

That it’s far harder to win against an opponent on a winning streak than an opponent with inconsistent results or a losing streak.

Because winning gives us confidence – it provides us with the belief that we’re doing something right.

Losing, on the other hand, is terrible for both your mental and psychological health.

However, you need to take away lessons when you’re losing (This is especially true if you’re on a bad run).

For example, if you’re a new copywriter and you’ve just been rejected dozens of times this month…

Or you’re a new coach or consultant, and you’re sick and tired of people shutting the door in your face…

One takeaway you can adopt from this book is this:

Cultivate Small Wins.

Big Losses come from many, multiple Small Losses.

Conversely, big wins come from many, multiple small wins.

If you want to win – getting more clients and hitting your income goals, you’ve got to focus on getting the small wins in order.

These small wins can be something like:

  • Hitting your daily workout.
  • Doing your daily outreach of 5 or 10 people a day. 
  • Meditating 15 minutes a day.
  • Reaching out to your clients for possible referrals every week.

In short, if you want to win… don’t set goals.

Instead, set systems, and you’ll see your results soar. 

What I’m Thinking: 

One of the Strategic Networking hacks I’ve created this year is this:

“Helping the Hubs”

If you understand this concept, you can transform how you build connections FOREVER.

This is a low-effort, high-yield way to make high-quality friends that can completely change your life.

To understand what hubs are, you must first learn how networks work.

There are 2 components of a network:

  1. The hub or the nucleus. (The central entity that controls activity
  2. The nodes (Other participants around it which are connected to it.)

If you struggle to visualize this, let’s use Facebook (Meta) as an example.

On Facebook, people on the platform are nodes – they form new interactions with one another whenever they make new friends or use the platform.

Now, guess who has the most power?

You’re right. Facebook itself – they’re the nucleus that controls all forms of activity on its platform.

Hence, they’re the hub, and they control and own a ton of money that’s made on the platform.  

If you understand this simple concept, there are two ways you can immediately apply this:

1. Become a Hub 

One of the best ways to build a strategic advantage in your business is to become a hub in your ecosystem – suppliers, mentors, peers, partners, and competitors.

This is why Anik decided to hold a free mastermind for high-performance entrepreneurs making over $500K… sharing all the alpha he knows and facilitating networking.

By doing this, he becomes a hub… or, simply, a network broker.

This puts him in a favorable position for business, whether asking for favors, getting clients, or deal-making.

2. Help the Hubs

If you’re a smaller player, the most direct way is to help the hubs.

Find out what it is they lack and offer help.

And you’ll get rewarded when you least expect it.

Early in my copywriting career, I took the initiative to write for the late Clayton Makepeace’s blog.

And subsequently, several people knocked on my doors asking me to write copy – they came because they got to know that I wrote for Clayton.

That was how I got my initial clientele.

The most immediate benefit you get when helping the hubs (apart from money, stamp-of-approvals, or referrals) is reputation.

With a stronger reputation, you can acquire clients better, charge higher, and hit your income goals faster.


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