March 6

No. 1 Sin in Marketing? 🤐


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  1. My podcast with DigiStore24 titled: “How to Generate a Fountain of Unlimited Ad Ideas”

What I’m Watching:

I’m currently watching Kingdom on Netflix.

It’s a Korean Thriller where the background is set in the Joseon Dynasty, the protagonist Crown Prince Lee Chang stumbles across an unnatural plague

that resurrects the dead.

He’s investigating a brewing political conspiracy and rumors of the King of Joseon’s death.

This movie is awesome because the director is brilliant at creating cliffhangers.

Creating cliffhangers is an incredibly useful skill to have as marketers and copywriters so that’s a great drama to watch if you’d like to work on that.

What I’m Reading:

Recently, I’ve been reading “Principles” by Ray Dalio.

I’ve always been big on Mental Models and Frameworks for Success.

And to be honest, no other guy wrote a better book on this than Ray Dalio.

He outlines his 40-year-old experience in business strategy, risk management, and leadership in a 592-page book.

In case you haven’t heard about Ray Dalio, he built one of the most successful hedge fund companies that have stood the test of time.

Today, Bridgewater (the company he founded) has over $150 Billion in AUM (Assets Under Management).

As always, success leaves clues, and I’ve been studying him diligently to see how he has maintained an edge against his competition for so long.

What I’ve noticed is that Ray Dalio has a Franken-Mind too.

He’s incredibly well-read in Philosophy, Economics, Investment, and even Geopolitics.

Considering that he’s nearly double my age – it’s worth my time to learn more from him.

There are many principles I can adapt from his book to whatever we do in Online Marketing & Digital Entrepreneurship. 

What I’m Thinking: 

This year I did a podcast with the Social Media Manager of DigiStore24.

One of the most significant pain points she shared with me was that the affiliates aren’t making the money they dreamed of.

Their open rates were mediocre, and CTR rates were abysmal.

And she hoped I could give her some ideas to help these affiliate marketers.

So I share the No.1 Sin in Marketing with her…

Guess what it is…


The biggest problem with bad copy and floundering ads is that it’s often derived from whatever the competition is doing.

If you’re a marketer, the worst thing you can do is:

Monkey see… Monkey do.

Most copywriters and marketers do their market research religiously and think their job is done.

They can’t be further from the truth.

If marketing was that simple, I would have stopped at MH/FI and TADA Template.

I wouldn’t even hand you an arsenal of nuclear weaponry like APS Bullets/Name Frames/Major-on-the-Minor and IMMMBUE.

There are a ton of techniques I use to keep myself different.

Because while it’s challenging to be interesting, it’s easy to be different.

You see where the herd is going, and then go in the other direction.

Yup… you zig while they zag.

If you want to see how I apply Shock Therapy to promote my flagship Holy Grail Program, check out my latest podcast with DigiStore24.

I’ll show you how I generate a fountain of unlimited ad ideas.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu


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