October 26

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Hi ,

Today, I want to share how I just got a speaking slot at Mimosa Mastermind — one of the most prestigious events in our industry — even though their schedule was already full! 

Past speakers include JJ Virgin, Perry Belcher, Rich Schefren, Rudy Mawer, and Ryan Moran (just to name a few), so it’s a tremendous honour to share the stage with luminaries like them in Miami next week. 

So this is how it went down. 

I set an intention to speak somewhere in the US, and preferably at a prominent stage like Mimosa. 

After all, I already spent A HUNDRED FREAKIN’ HOURS of travel and enduring never-ending jet lag for the past month — I might as well make it worth my while. 

I glanced at Mimosa program…   

Almost everyone was talking about Marketing – Traffic, Funnels, Conversion, and Sales.

Then a lightbulb moment hit — what if I spoke strategic thinking instead? 

After all, I just released my FrankenMind program to great success. 

So I approached Amber Spears, the organiser of the event with the idea of a Strategic Thinking slot. (Which itself requires strategic thinking, right? How Meta :D) 

And this was her response…Hey my friend, I have finalized the run of show BUT I am always open to hearing ideas and I love that you asked.We don’t have anything on strategic thinking and that would benefit the room greatly.Could you do this talk in 20 mins? I would have to shave a few things off of other speakers and panels but I could make it work if you could?

And then of course, I agreed.

By using the Holy Grail Principles, I can create an opportunity out of nothing just like a magician.

Here’s the lesson:


Aka something that relates to your target audience, but in a fresh and novel way. 

Since Mimosa Mastermind attracted some of the top marketers and entrepreneurs, it’d be pointless if I were to speak on marketing anyway.

That’s when I decided to differentiate myself by pulling my trump card – Franken-Mind Strategic Thinking.

If we were to bring this lesson back to your business, one of the best ways to create a Holy Grail Offer is to constantly think:

How can you inject WBR?

You can create a flavor of originality by creating something new or angling something different.

Now, if you’re a coach, entrepreneur, or marketer, knowing to leverage the power of NEW is incredibly important.

People don’t like boredom, and that’s why like the new. 

If you want to learn to trigger WBR and create your own Holy Grail Offer, I invite you to reply “EL DORADO” to this email.

I’ll send you the google doc on Holy Grail Copywriting in a bit.

To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire, and Destiny,

Kenneth Yu 


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