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In my last email, I debunked the 3 biggest myths about Entrepreneurship.

In this email, I’d like to give you 3 potent Networking secrets to turbocharge your connections in 2023.

These are the same tips I give my private mentees. 

Let’s dive into Part 4 of The Best of Inner Sanctum 2022.

1. Sweeten the Pot 

When you sweeten the pot, you throw bonuses to make the overall deal more attractive and exciting.

For example, if you’re a copywriter and your client finds your proposal too expensive.

You can add some bonuses to the deal to make it sweeter.

  • Writing a couple of extra Facebook ads/emails for them to test in addition to the original package.
  • Helping them with copy-critique or copy-tweaking for their web pages.
  • Suppose you’re competent with coaching or consulting, and your client needs help with their marketing funnel. In that case, you can throw in a complimentary implementation call to help them.
  • You can throw them in to make the deal even better if you have digital products. 

If you’re a coach, consultant, or trainer, one good way to “Sweeten the Pot” is to bundle your deal with existing products – relevant to your target market’s pain points.

For example, suppose you’re a fitness coach, and you’re offering a high-ticket fitness program.

One way to sweeten the deal would be to provide an Online Masterclass on how to eat clean without hassle.

2. CV3 Networking 

And to rapidly form High-Quality Relationships, one of the methods I learned is the CV3 Networking Formula.

Character – You need to have traits that people like and respect. E.g. Positivity, generosity, or friendliness. You can pick and choose traits that make people admire you. 

Vision – To polarize people, you need to have a Vision bigger than yourself. My vision of revitalizing Africa has helped me connect with billionaires, politicians, and corporate CEOs.

Value – You need to be able to give value. I give value through my expertise as a marketer, consultant, and strategist.

Values – You have to share values with the other person. If you can share common values with the person you’re networking with, then chances are that you would be aligned.

3. The Art of Weak Tie Networking 

I learned the idea of Weak Tie Networking through an old seminar I bought from a friend and mentor, Marshall Thurber many years ago.

The Weak Tie is all about Diversity. 

Because Diversity Trumps Similarity

You create the most value when you connect with different groups rather than among the same groups.

As a consultant and entrepreneur, I’ve gotten the most value out of friendships with mavericks from other industries – Education, Finance, Tech, Real Estate, Legal… you name it.

That’s one of the hacks to building an incredible Franken-Mind.

I learned a ton about education and teaching from my friend Opher Brayer.

In technology and networking, I have a dear friend, Rajesh Setty, who is insanely generous with his knowledge.

And finally, in the domains of crypto and finance, I go to my friends Raoul Pal and Cayman buddies.

When you combine these 3 Networking Strategies – you’re basically unstoppable.

The better connector you are, the more deals you’ll get so use these strategies to crush it for 2023. 

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To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny

Kenneth Yu


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